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The Contributor License Agreement

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defines the legal status of the contributed code in two different types of Contributor License Agreements (CLAs), individual contributors and corporations.

Kubernetes can only accept original source code from CLA signatories.

This policy does not apply to third_party and vendor.

It is important to read and understand this legal agreement.

How do I sign?

If your work is done as an employee of your company, contact your company's legal department and ask to be put on the list of approved contributors for the CNCF CLA. Below, we have included steps for "Corporation signup" in case your company does not have a company agreement and would like to have one.

1. Log in to the Linux Foundation ID Portal with GitHub

Click one of:

  • Individual signup to sign up as an individual or as an employee of a signed organization.
  • Corporation signup to sign as a corporation representative and manage signups from your organization.

Once you get to the sign in form, click "Log in with GitHub":


2. Create Linux Foundation ID Portal account

After entering the various names, click "Submit":

If you are signing up as an employee, you must use your official person@organization.domain email address as your default GitHub address or configure it as an alias of your LF identify.


3. Complete signing process

After creating your account, follow the instructions to complete the signing process through HelloSign.

If you did not receive an email from HelloSign, then request it here.

4. Ensure your GitHub e-mail address matches address used to sign CLA

Your GitHub email address must match the same address you use when signing the CLA. GitHub has documentation on setting email addresses.

You must also set your git e-mail to match this e-mail address as well.

If you already submitted a PR you can correct your and and then use git commit --amend --reset-author and then git push --force to correct the PR.

5. Look for an email indicating successful signup.

The Linux Foundation


You have signed CNCF Individual Contributor License Agreement. You can see your document anytime by clicking View on HelloSign.

Once you have this, the CLA authorizer bot will authorize your PRs.


Changing your Affiliation

If you've changed employers and still contribute to Kubernetes, your affiliation needs to be updated. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation uses gitdm to track who is contributing and from where. Create a pull request on the gitdm repository with a change to the corresponding developer affiliation text file. Your entry should look similar to this:

Jorge O. Castro*: jorge!, jorge!, jorge.castro!
Canonical until 2017-03-31


If you encounter any problems signing the CLA, log a ticket with the Linux Foundation ID group through the Linux Foundation Support Site.

Should you have any issues using the LF Support Site, send a message to the backup e-mail support address

Someone from the CNCF will respond to your ticket to help.

Setting up the CNCF CLA check

If you are a Kubernetes GitHub organization or repo owner and would like to setup the Linux Foundation CNCF CLA check for your repositories, read the docs on setting up the CNCF CLA check