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2019 Kubernetes Contributor Summit Shanghai

Essential Information

June 24th, 2019
9am to 4pm

Shanghai Expo Center
No. 1500 Shibo Avenue
Shanghai, China

Event Page

Registration Required


This year's contributor summit in China will be a full-day event for people who contribute to Kubernetes, or are interested in becoming contributors, whether through writing code, documentation, infrastructure, project management, or the many other places they can help. It will include three tracks:

  • The New Contributor Workshop is for those looking to find out how to become Kubernetes contributors;
  • The Current Contributor Day is for attendees who are already contributing to Kubernetes, and want to learn more or do hands-on work at the Summit;
  • The Documentation Sprints are for community members who want to help with writing documentation or translating it.

New Contributor Workshop

The New Contributor Workshop (NCW) will be from 9:30am to 3:30pm in Room 517.

The New Contributor Workshop is a 5-hour long tutorial, with participatory exercises, that covers the basics of contributing to Kubernetes and being part of its community. It is not possible to attend only part of the workshop, and you are expected to stay for the whole day.

Attendees will be expected to bring a laptop, sign the Contributor License Agreement, and have a GitHub account. The workshop will be held in both Chinese and English, with live translation.

Current Contributor Day

The Current Contributor Day will be from 9:00AM to 3:30PM in the Gold Hall.

This day is for people who already contribute to Kubernetes and participate in its community and want a place to have working meetings, as well as contributors who have already taken the New Contributor Workshop and want to learn more in-depth contribution topics.

Draft Schedule, subject to amendment:

Time Presentation Area Discussion Area
9:00AM Introductions
9:15AM Drafting a Kubenetes Enhancement Proposal SIG API Machinery F2F Meeting
10:15AM Kubernetes Codebase Tour SIG Scheduling F2F Meeting
11:15AM Non-Code Contributions SIG Storage F2F Meeting
12:15PM Lunch Lunch
1:30PM Building Kubernetes Extensions SIG Meeting TBD
2:30PM Local Build & Test Troubleshooting SIG Meeting TBD

Sessions during this day will be arranged by the community. There are still a few open slots.

ContactJosh Berkus if your SIG wants to have a face to face meeting at the Summit.

The Contributor Day will be held primarily in English, although one or two sessions may be in Chinese.

Documentation Sprints

The Documentation Sprints are for community members who want to help the project by either writing original documentation, updating and improving our documentation, or by translating the existing documentation into Chinese and other languages.

Attendees must have some proficiency in written English, should bring laptops, and should sign the Kubernetes CLA.

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