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GitHub Management Subproject Responsibilities

This subproject will be responsible for:

  • Establishing policies, standards, and procedures for routine GitHub management tasks, including but not limited to: org membership, org permissions, repo creation/administration
  • Establishing a policy around "Org Owner" permissions, and grant/limit these privileges accordingly
  • Establishing policies and best practices for bot accounts, service accounts, webooks, and third-party integrations
  • Maintaining documentation related to the above
  • Establishing a "GitHub Administration team" that will oversee the execution of GitHub management tasks (inviting new members to the org, creating repos, executing moderation decisions, auditing permissions)
  • Working with other sigs and interested parties in the project to execute GitHub tasks where required

This subproject will explicitly not be responsible for:

  • Tooling and automation for GitHub (this falls under sig-testing, and the sig-contributor-experience Contributor Workflow and Automation subproject)
  • Determining policies around which repos can get created (this falls under sig-architecture and the steering committee)
  • Moderation policies and escalations on GitHub (this falls under the Moderation subproject, the Code of Conduct committee, and the steering committee)
  • Contributor workflow within Kubernetes repos, e.g. mandated use of labels (this falls under the guise of the subproject responsible for the repo, and the Contributor Workflow and Automation subproject)