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SIG Cluster Lifecycle Annual Report 2020



  • Are all listed SIG leaders (chairs, tech leads, and subproject owners) active?
    • For the SIG leads yes.
    • For subproject owners, likely there are some inactive maintainers, but it’s up to the subproject to prune their OWNERs files.
  • How do you measure membership? By mailing list members, OWNERs, or something else?
    • Anyone can be considered a SIG member if they join the Zoom calls or general discussions regularly.
    • In terms of repository scope - an active contributor with PRs / Issues / Reviews becomes eligible to be part of an OWNERS file.
  • How does the group measure reviewer and approver bandwidth? Do you need help in any area now? What are you doing about it?
    • For sub-projects, it’s up to the active subproject maintainers to allocate review resources.
    • Some projects like etcdadm, cluster-addons and kubeadm are currently looking for more contributors.
    • We use the common methods of “help-wanted” labels and announcing the request for help on slack / mailing list.
    • For the main SIG (e.g. when reviewing KEPs) the lead who has the time usually reviews, but we try to notify everyone so that they can comment if they have the time too.
  • Is there a healthy onboarding and growth path for contributors in your SIG? What are some activities that the group does to encourage this? What programs are you participating in to grow contributors throughout the contributor ladder?
    • One of our methods is to just record onboarding videos / hold Zoom sessions discussing a certain problem / area:
    • New contributors interested in such an areas should join these calls and ask questions.
    • Most of our meetings have a dedicated slot for welcoming newcomers.
  • What programs do you participate in for new contributors?
  • Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations? Can end users/companies contribute in some way that they currently are not?

Current initiatives and project health

  • Please include links to KEPs and other supporting information that will be beneficial to multiple types of community members.
  • What are initiatives that should be highlighted, lauded, shout out, that your group is proud of? Currently underway? What are some of the longer tail projects that your group is working on?
    • We did a KEP to standardize how clusters define insecure local container registries:
    • Cluster API has its own spin of the KEP process and has a number of interesting active proposals:
    • Most of our subprojects have existed for a long time - including, kubeadm, kops, minikube, etc.
  • Year to date KEP work review: What’s now stable? Beta? Alpha? Road to alpha?
    • Only kubeadm features go through the Alpha->GA stages of the Kubernetes release process:
    • Projects like kops, minikube, kubeadm, kubespray are mostly stable.
    • Projects like Cluster API and etcdadm are alpha and moving towards graduation following a process similar to Kubernetes.
  • What areas and/or subprojects does the group need the most help with?
  • What's the average open days of a PR and Issue in your group? / what metrics does your group care about and/or measure?
    • Our SIG is quite big and it depends on the subprojects.
    • It’s up to the subproject to monitor the metrics they care about.
    • For the SIG as a whole we track what tickets we have here: