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Contributor Experience Special Interest Group

Developing and sustaining a healthy community of contributors is critical to scaling the project and growing the ecosystem. We need to ensure our contributors are happy and productive, and that there are not bottlenecks hindering the project in, for example: feature velocity, community scaling, pull request latency, and absolute numbers of open pull requests and open issues.

The charter defines the scope and governance of the Contributor Experience Special Interest Group.




The Chairs of the SIG run operations and processes governing the SIG.

Technical Leads

The Technical Leads of the SIG establish new subprojects, decommission existing subprojects, and resolve cross-subproject technical issues and decisions.

Emeritus Leads



The following subprojects are owned by sig-contributor-experience:


Owns and manages overall community repo, including community group documentation and operations.


Manages operations and policy for upstream community group communication platforms.


Contributor Communications focuses on amplifying the success of Kubernetes contributors through marketing.


writes and maintains documentation around contributing to Kubernetes, including the Contributor's Guide, Developer's Guide, and contributor website.


Maintains and updates, including taking requests for new charts.


Creates and runs contributor-focused events, such as the Contributor Summit. Event Teams are part of this subproject.


Manages and controls Github permissions, repos, and groups, including Org Membership.


Oversees and develops programs for helping contributors ascend the contributor ladder, including the New Contributor Workshops, Meet Our Contributors, and other programs.


Creates and maintains tools and automation for Kubernetes Slack.

Relevant Presentations

This is a collection of presentations from our SIG members around contributing to Kubernetes, feel free to PR in content here:

Current Status

This is the work we've done this past cycle and plan to work on in the future:

General Presentations

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

We give our SIG status at every KubeCon, here are our most current talks: