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Contributor Experience Special Interest Group

Developing and sustaining a healthy community of contributors is critical to scaling the project and growing the ecosystem. We need to ensure our contributors are happy and productive, and that there are not bottlenecks hindering the project in, for example: feature velocity, community scaling, pull request latency, and absolute numbers of open pull requests and open issues.

The charter defines the scope and governance of the Contributor Experience Special Interest Group.




The Chairs of the SIG run operations and processes governing the SIG.

Technical Leads

The Technical Leads of the SIG establish new subprojects, decommission existing subprojects, and resolve cross-subproject technical issues and decisions.

Emeritus Leads



The following subprojects are owned by sig-contributor-experience:

GitHub Teams

The below teams can be mentioned on issues and PRs in order to get attention from the right people. Note that the links to display team membership will only work if you are a member of the org.

Team Name Details Description
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-bugs link Bug Triage and Troubleshooting
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-feature-requests link Feature Requests
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-misc-use-only-as-a-last-resort link General Discussion
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-pr-reviews link PR Reviews
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-proposals link Design Proposals
@kubernetes/sig-contributor-experience-test-failures link Test Failures and Triage
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