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Storage Special Interest Group

SIG Storage is responsible for ensuring that different types of file and block storage (whether ephemeral or persistent, local or remote) are available wherever a container is scheduled (including provisioning/creating, attaching, mounting, unmounting, detaching, and deleting of volumes), storage capacity management (container ephemeral storage usage, volume resizing, etc.), influencing scheduling of containers based on storage (data gravity, availability, etc.), and generic operations on storage (snapshoting, etc.).

The charter defines the scope and governance of the Storage Special Interest Group.




The Chairs of the SIG run operations and processes governing the SIG.



The following subprojects are owned by sig-storage:

GitHub Teams

The below teams can be mentioned on issues and PRs in order to get attention from the right people. Note that the links to display team membership will only work if you are a member of the org.

Team Name Details Description
@kubernetes/sig-storage-api-reviews link API Changes and Reviews
@kubernetes/sig-storage-bugs link Bug Triage and Troubleshooting
@kubernetes/sig-storage-feature-requests link Feature Requests
@kubernetes/sig-storage-misc link General Discussion
@kubernetes/sig-storage-pr-reviews link PR Reviews
@kubernetes/sig-storage-proposals link Design Proposals
@kubernetes/sig-storage-test-failures link Test Failures and Triage


The Kubernetes Storage Special-Interest-Group (SIG) is a working group within the Kubernetes contributor community interested in storage and volume plugins.


We hold a public meeting every two weeks, on Thursdays at 9 AM (PT).


Interested in contributing to storage features in Kubernetes? Please read our guide for new contributors