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2021 Annual Report: SIG Storage

Note: Included KEPs targeting 1.21, 1.22, and 1.23 releases.

Current initiatives

  1. What work did the SIG do this year that should be highlighted?

  2. What initiatives are you working on that aren't being tracked in KEPs?

  3. KEP work in 2021 (1.x, 1.y, 1.z):

Project health

  1. What areas and/or subprojects does your group need the most help with? Any areas with 2 or fewer OWNERs? (link to more details)

    • In general, we need more contributors to help with fixing bugs and code reviewing across the board. For contributors who are interested in getting more involved in SIG-Storage, please review the CONTRIBUTING Guide and come to SIG-Storage meetings to find a project that you are interested in helping with. Help make code contributions and learn how storage works in Kubernetes. After you are getting familiar with the code, help with code reviews.
    • Under “Subprojects”, we added notes to a few sub-projects that are not active or need more contributors
  2. What metrics/community health stats does your group care about and/or measure?

  3. Does your help new contributors engage with your group specifically by pointing to activities or programs that provide useful context or allow easy participation?

    • Our has presentations, docs, and videos to help new contributors get familiar with Kubernetes Storage concepts. It also has instructions on how to get involved in SIG Storage.
  4. If your group has special training, requirements for reviewers/approvers, or processes beyond the general contributor guide, does your document those to help existing contributors grow throughout the contributor ladder?

    • We don’t have special training or documents. We just follow the contributor guide available in the K8s community. Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations?

    • Yes.
  6. Are there ways end users/companies can contribute that they currently are not? If one of those ways is more full time support, what would they work on and why?

    • We do have a small number of contributors from end user companies. Some are working on adding new features. Any help to get them to contribute more will be great.
    • Here is our ask - get full time support to work on the following:
      • CSI conformance tests for CSI drivers.
      • Write more tests; monitor test grid health; work on test framework out of tree; enhance CSI release tools
      • Doc writer to improve docs on CSI side and in general in Storage side
      • Help with initial PR triage, find out who can review them


  • Primary slack channel member count: 4767 (sig-storage), 1126 (csi)
  • Primary mailing list member count: 702
  • Primary meeting attendee count (estimated, if needed): 25
  • Primary meeting participant count (estimated, if needed): 25
  • Unique reviewers for SIG-owned packages: 38
  • Unique approvers for SIG-owned packages: 32

Include any other ways you measure group membership


New in 2021:

Deprecated in 2019:

Deprecated in 2018:


Working groups



Operational tasks in

  • reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed
  • reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed (or created if missing and your contributor steps and experience are different or more in-depth than the documentation listed in the general contributor guide and devel folder.)
  • Subprojects list and linked OWNERS files in sigs.yaml reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed
  • SIG leaders (chairs, tech leads, and subproject owners) in sigs.yaml are accurate and active, and updated if needed
  • Meeting notes and recordings for 2021 are linked from and updated/uploaded if needed
  • Did you have community-wide updates in 2021 (e.g. community meetings, kubecon, or kubernetes-dev@ emails)? Links to email, slides, or recordings: