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Testing Special Interest Group

Interested in how we can most effectively test Kubernetes. We're interested specifically in making it easier for the community to run tests and contribute test results, to ensure Kubernetes is stable across a variety of cluster configurations and cloud providers.

The charter defines the scope and governance of the Testing Special Interest Group.




The Chairs of the SIG run operations and processes governing the SIG.

Emeritus Leads



The following subprojects are owned by sig-testing:


Boskos is a resource manager service that handles different kinds of resources and transitions between different states. We use it on the Kubernetes project to manage pools of GCP projects for CI/CD.


An experimental e2e testing framework for Kubernetes clusters.


Controllers to sync and rotate kubernetes secrets with google cloud secret manager


Kubernetes IN Docker. Run Kubernetes test clusters on your local machine using Docker containers as nodes.


Kubetest2 is the framework for launching and running end-to-end tests on kubernetes. It is the next significant iteration of kubetest. We will be deprecating kubetest going forward.


Prow is a CI/CD system based on Kubernetes. See to see it in action for the Kubernetes project


Home for SIG Testing discussion and documents.


Miscellaneous tools and configuration to run the testing infrastructure for the Kubernetes project


[best-effort] The testing-commons subproject focuses on matters of code structure, layout, and execution of kubernetes/kubernetes test code. It is currently staffed on a best-effort basis; please bring discussions to the sig-testing slack channel or meeting. For historical context, please see the former testing-commons meeting agenda and archived testing-commons slack channel


Title Slides Video Speakers
KubeCon NA 2018 - SIG Testing Intro Slides Video @spiffxp, @stevekuznetsov
KubeCon NA 2018 - SIG Testing Deep Dive Slides Video @cjwagner, @Katharine
KubeCon NA 2018 - Behind Your PR: How Kubernetes Uses Kubernetes to Run Kubernetes CI Slides Video @BenTheElder, @krzyzacy
KubeCon EU 2019 - SIG Testing Intro Slides Video @cjwagner, @AishSundar
KubeCon EU 2019 - SIG Testing Deep Dive TBD Video @BenTheElder, @munnerz
KubeCon EU 2019 - Testing Your K8s Apps with Kind TBD Video @BenTheElder, @munnerz