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2021 Annual Report: SIG Usability


How are you doing with operational tasks in Is your README accurate? have a file? Yes, updated to reflect new meeting time

All subprojects correctly mapped and listed in sigs.yaml? N/A

What’s your meeting culture? Large/small, active/quiet, learnings? Meeting notes up to date? Are you keeping recordings up to date/trends in community members watching recordings?

How does the group get updates, reports, or feedback from subprojects? Are there any springing up or being retired? Are OWNERS files up to date in these areas? N/A

Same question as above but for working groups. N/A

When was your last monthly community-wide update? (provide link to deck and/or recording)


Are all listed SIG leaders (chairs, tech leads, and subproject owners) active? We need to finalize the PR on kubernetes/kubernetes to make Gaby formally a chair

How do you measure membership? By mailing list members, OWNERs, or something else? We engage with membership via Slack and mailing list

How does the group measure reviewer and approver bandwidth? Do you need help in any area now? What are you doing about it? We are not focused on code PRs, we’re focused on staffing our user research study, which happens in Zoom. We’ve had steady growth of a small number of very senior user searchers from several different companies, and our goal is to do 2-4 in depth user research engagements a month.

Is there a healthy onboarding and growth path for contributors in your SIG? What are some activities that the group does to encourage this? What programs are you participating in to grow contributors throughout the contributor ladder? We’ve documented our user research procedures and invite people to sign up to do shadowing and help take notes. As they participate they are invited to graduate to leading interviews.

What programs do you participate in for new contributors? We are doing a Linux Foundation mentorship program, and new contributors are welcome at all of our meetings

Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations? Can end users/companies contribute in some way that they currently are not? We have contributors from VMware, IBM, RedHat, and others. End users are the focus of our research, and we are talking to them as often as possible.

Current initiatives and project health

The nature of our work is currently not linked to KEPs or the release cycle. To learn more about what we’re working on, here are some helpful links:

If you’re interested in our user research study, please join a meeting or ping us in our slack channel to learn more! Due to the sensitivity of user research data, our docs on these are not public. We will be doing a deep dive into the results at our Kubecon talk, with anonymized data to share.