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2021 Annual Report: SIG Windows

Current initiatives

  1. What work did the SIG do this year that should be highlighted?

  2. What initiatives are you working on that aren't being tracked in KEPs?

    • Migration of the windows kube-proxy to KPNG.
    • Migration of testgrid reporting jobs from aks-engine to cluster-api/cluster-api-provder-azure.
    • Dockershim removal / validation for Windows nodes.
  3. KEP work in 2021 (1.x, 1.y, 1.z):

Project health

  1. What areas and/or subprojects does your group need the most help with? Any areas with 2 or fewer OWNERs? (link to more details)

  2. What metrics/community health stats does your group care about and/or measure?

    • stars for ksigs/windows specific repos
  3. Does your help new contributors engage with your group specifically by pointing to activities or programs that provide useful context or allow easy participation?

    • yes
  4. If your group has special training, requirements for reviewers/approvers, or processes beyond the general contributor guide, does your document those to help existing contributors grow throughout the contributor ladder?

    • yes
  5. Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations?

    • yes
  6. Are there ways end users/companies can contribute that they currently are not? If one of those ways is more full time support, what would they work on and why?

    • testing hostProcess implementations on several windows apps
    • improving our dev tools environment to grow the community
    • hardening the CSI proxy and CSI support ecosystem
    • performance testing Kubernetes on Windows extensively and publishing results in cncf blog posts


  • Primary slack channel member count: 1507
  • Primary mailing list member count: 188
  • Primary meeting attendee count (estimated, if needed): 10
  • Primary meeting participant count (estimated, if needed): 10
  • Unique reviewers for SIG-owned packages: 6
  • Unique approvers for SIG-owned packages: 4

Include any other ways you measure group membership


Working groups



Operational tasks in

  • reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed
  • reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed (or created if missing and your contributor steps and experience are different or more in-depth than the documentation listed in the general contributor guide and devel folder.)
  • Subprojects list and linked OWNERS files in sigs.yaml reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed
  • SIG leaders (chairs, tech leads, and subproject owners) in sigs.yaml are accurate and active, and updated if needed
  • Meeting notes and recordings for 2021 are linked from and updated/uploaded if needed
  • Did you have community-wide updates in 2021 (e.g. community meetings, kubecon, or kubernetes-dev@ emails)? Links to email, slides, or recordings: