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2020 - WG API Expression - Community Meeting Annual Reports

What was the initial mission of the group and if it's changed, how?

Should still be the same as outlined in our mission statement, but with a hard focus on Server Side Apply.

What’s the current roadmap until completion?

  • Server Side Apply (GA targeted for v1.21).

    Currently the WorkGroup is mostly focused on delivering Server Side Apply.

  • Our Mission Statement contains various other topics we would like to work on, but finishing and delivering a working version of SSA is our primary goal right now.

Have you produced any artifacts, reports, white papers to date?

Is the group active? healthy? contributors from multiple companies and/or end user companies?

  • The group meets actively every two weeks with communication on GitHub and Slack in between.
  • Contributors are from various companies, including Google, IBM, Red Hat and end user companies.

Is everything in your readme accurate? posting meetings on youtube?

  • The readme should be accurate.
  • We’re uploading videos to youtube.

Do you have regular check-ins with your sponsoring SIGs?

I wouldn’t say regular check-ins, but people from those SIGs are present at most meetings. If we should have a more formal check-in, we can figure something out.