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2021 Annual Report: WG API Expression

Current initiatives

  1. What work did the WG do this year that should be highlighted? For example, artifacts, reports, white papers produced this year.

    • Server-side Apply went GA this summer
    • Started new initiatives around OpenAPI v3
    • Enum for built-in types in OpenAPI
    • Server-side field validation
  2. What initiatives are you working on that aren't being tracked in KEPs?

    • N/A

Project health

  1. What's the current roadmap until completion of the working group?

    • Address server-side apply field deletion and improve CSA -> SSA story
    • Complete OpenAPI v3 roll-out
    • Finish using existing OpenAPI primitives for built-ins and CRDs
    • Allow OpenAPI extensions to be used by CRD authors
    • Discovery cache-busting
  2. Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations?

    • Yes
  3. Are there ways end users/companies can contribute that they currently are not? If one of those ways is more full time support, what would they work on and why?

    • No


  • Primary slack channel member count: 123
  • Primary mailing list member count: 33
  • Primary meeting attendee count (estimated, if needed): 4-5
  • Primary meeting participant count (estimated, if needed): 6-8


Operational tasks in

  • reviewed for accuracy and updated if needed
  • WG leaders in sigs.yaml are accurate and active, and updated if needed
  • Meeting notes and recordings for 2021 are linked from and updated/uploaded if needed
  • Updates provided to sponsoring SIGs in 2021