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2021 Annual Report: WG Data Protection

Note: Only include KEPs targeting 1.21, 1.22, and 1.23 releases.

Current initiatives

  1. What work did the WG do this year that should be highlighted? For example, artifacts, reports, white papers produced this year.
  1. What initiatives are you working on that aren't being tracked in KEPs?

We discussed the following topics in the WG that are not tracked in KEPs:

Project health

  1. What's the current roadmap until completion of the working group?

We have identified the missing building blocks for supporting Data Protection in Kubernetes in our white paper: Features such as Volume Backups, Change Block Tracking, Volume Populator, Volume Group and Group Snapshot, and Backup Repositories are owned by SIG Storage. Features such as Quiesce and Unquiesce Hooks are owned by SIG Node, with SIG Storage and SIG Apps participating. Features such as Application Snapshots and Backups are owned by SIG Apps, with SIG Storage participating. We will continue to work on them until all the missing pieces are available in Kubernetes.

  1. Does the group have contributors from multiple companies/affiliations?

Yes. In our agenda doc, we listed companies who are supporting the WG. Here are some of the companies that actively participating in the WG: Cohesity, Dell EMC, Druva, Google, Infinidat, Kasten by Veeam, Microsoft, Mirantis, NetApp, Red Hat, Seagate, Trilio, Veritas, and VMware.

  1. Are there ways end users/companies can contribute that they currently are not? If one of those ways is more full time support, what would they work on and why?
  • There were a couple of end users who participated in the meeting and brought up topics such as how to backup and restore externally managed services.
  • If more end users/companies can attend our meetings, provide feedback, and contribute to design/implementation of the features we are working on, that will be great.


  • Primary slack channel member count: 196
  • Primary mailing list member count: 193
  • Primary meeting attendee count (estimated, if needed): 25
  • Primary meeting participant count (estimated, if needed): 25

Include any other ways you measure group membership


Operational tasks in