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README.md add Code of Conduct Committee Members Aug 8, 2018


Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC)

The Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC) is the body that is responsible for enforcing and maintaining the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.

The members and their terms are as follows:

  • Jaice Singer Dumars (Google) - 2 years
  • Paris Pittman (Google) - 2 years
  • Carolyn Van Slyck (Microsoft) - 1 year
  • Eric Paris (Red Hat) - 1 year
  • Jennifer Rondeau (Heptio) - 1 year

Please see the bootstrapping document for more information on how members are picked, their responsibilities, and how the committee will initially function.

More information on how to contact this committee and learn about its process to come in the near future. For now, any Code of Conduct or Code of Conduct Committee concerns can be directed to steering-private@kubernetes.io