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The Kubernetes community abides by the Kubernetes code of conduct on all of communication platforms that we moderate listed below with noted exceptions.
Here is an excerpt from the code of conduct:

As contributors and maintainers of this project, and in the interest of fostering an open and welcoming community, we pledge to respect all people who contribute through reporting issues, posting feature requests, updating documentation, submitting pull requests or patches, and other activities.

Purpose of This Doc

A detailed list of upstream communication platforms and resources for contributors. Since upstream contributors are generally consumers, many of our channels intertwine. See Misc Community Resources for more end user/troubleshooting targeted paths.

Community Groups

Kubernetes encompasses many projects, organized into community groups. Upstream communication flows through those channels, most notably in the Special Interest Groups SIGs that own the docs and codebases. Their communication channels may include mailing lists, slack channels, zoom meetings, meeting agenda/notes, and can be found on their READMEs and on the community groups/SIGs page.

You can actively or passively participate in one of the following ways:

Nevertheless, below find a list of many general channels, groups and meetings devoted to the Kubernetes project. Please check the guidelines and any relevant chat/conversation history before posting. Spam and sales pitches are not tolerated on these platforms.

Appropriate Content for Community Resources

All communications properties are under the Kubernetes code of conduct. Additionally, these resources are for the contributors and users of Kubernetes; commercial usage of these properties is heavily moderated. Note that commercial content is allowed, unsolicited commercial content mostly is NOT:

Examples of inappropriate content:

  • Posting unsolicited content of a commercial nature on Slack or other community forums
  • Messaging people individually on a platform with content of an unsolicited commercial nature
  • Unsolicited pitching of commercial products during a Kubernetes meeting

Examples of appropriate content:

  • Asking about commercial products in an appropriate channel. For example most clouds have a channel in Slack, asking how to use GKE on the GKE channel or AKS on the Azure channels is fine.
  • "Does anyone have experience with project foo?" is fine
  • Some OSS projects are also hosted on the Kubernetes Slack that also have a commercial offering, these are allowed.

Decisions Are Made Here

The project is very large with a robust community group ecosystem and bubbling up information is important. Transparency is necessary and these channels are key:

  • kubernetes-dev mailing list - all upstream Kubernetes news and discussion. Many community groups have charters that state they have to post here for certain topics like project wide changes. Joining this mailing list is required k-dev moderators for GitHub org membership and will get you access to all community docs that are not in GitHub.
  • GitHub Issues and PRs in an associated repository and
  • KEPs(Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals)
    • We don't recommend following or watching any repository unless you are using heavy email filters. Getting involved with the community group(s) directly is the best way to find out how to best watch what you need on GitHub.

Discussions Happen Here

We talk a lot, too.


Our real-time platform with Kubernetes enthusiasts spread across 250+ channels. Owned and operated by sig-contributor-experience.

Join | Slack Guidelines | slack moderators | #kubernetes-dev

Pro-tip: If you want to add a new channel, simply file a request following these instructions.

Mailing lists and forums

Most of the Kubernetes mailing lists are hosted through Google Groups or Discuss Kubernetes. These also power most of the access to our documentation and calendar items like SIG meetings.

mailing list guidelines | email filtering tips

  • kubernetes-announce broadcasts major project announcements such as releases and security issues
  • kubernetes-dev hosts contributor announcements and discussions for upstream
  • Discuss Kubernetes is a forum where Kubernetes users trade notes with sections for contributors and all kinds of ecosystem related content
  • Additional Google groups exist and can be joined for discussion related to each community groups as noted above. These are linked from the SIG list.

Calendar & Meetings

We use Zoom for all of our community group meetings and contributor programs. - Zoom Guidelines

We keep a shared calendar with all of our community group meetings. If you'd like a contributor event published, please reach out to #sig-contribex on slack.

Social Media & Blogs



Owned and operated by sig-contribex community management subproject. Kubernetes Community channel - recordings of community group meetings, Thursday community call, meet our contributors, office hours, and more YouTube Guidelines.

Kubernetes Blog

The Kubernetes Blog is owned by sig-docs and operated by the blog team.

submit a blog post | 2018 blog metrics

Misc Community Resources

Issues & Troubleshooting

For questions about installing, running, or troubleshooting Kubernetes, please start with the troubleshooting guide. If that doesn't answer your question(s), try to post on or if you think you found a bug, please file an issue.

Office Hours

Office hours are held once a month. Please refer to the docs to learn more. Join the conversation on slack under #office-hours.


  • r/kubernetes - reddit channel owned and operated by community members and not an official channel for the project.
  • awesome kubernetes list - not an official repo; maintained by a community member. a repo with a huge collection of links to books, talks, and other Kubernetes learning resources.
  • kubeweekly - owned by cncf and curated by community members listed on the site. Collection of news, blogs, talks, and events for all things Kubernetes. send submissions to

Conferences, Meetups, Summits, and Face to Face Meetings

CNCF is the main driver for all KubeCon + CloudNativeCons, Kubernetes Forums, and the Kubernetes Meetup Pro program on KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, held every spring in Europe, summer in China, and winter in North America. Information about these and other community events is available on the CNCF events pages.

The project also has several face to face meetings and contributor summits throughout the year. To stay updated, check the calendar, your community group of interest, and/or the #contributor-summit slack channel for more information.

Thank You

A special thanks to all of our volunteer moderators who work in different time zones all over the world to make all of our communication platforms an enjoyable place!

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