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2018 Kubernetes Contributor Summit US

This event brings together new and current Kubernetes contributors to connect and share face-to-face. It is an opportunity for existing contributors to help shape the future of community development and offers a welcoming space for new community members to learn, explore and put the contributor workflow to practice. The summit now spans two days; including an optional social event in the early evening of December 9th along with the main full-day event December 10th.

In some sense, the summit is a real-life extension of the community meetings and SIG meetings. There are three explicit goals:

  • Cross-SIG communication and announcements
  • Onboard new contributors to be productive in our community
  • Send contributors home with more context, knowledge, and skills about the project


Public registration for the event is now closed. If you are a SIG/WG Chair, Tech Lead, or Subproject Owner, please reach out to to make arrangements. There is a limited amount of reserved slots available to you.

When and Where

  • Day 1: Optional pre-summit social
    • Sunday, Dec 9th from 5-8PM
    • Garage, 1130 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122
  • Day 2: Contributor Summit
    • Monday, Dec 10th, 2018 from 8AM-530PM
    • 6th Floor, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA (Signage will be present)

Badge pick up

If you are not attending KubeCon/CnC but attending this event, please reach out to for a separate process.

You will need your KubeCon/CnC badge to get into Sunday and Monday events. Badge locations:

  • Participating hotels
  • Atrium on the 4th floor of the Washington Convention Center
  • Garage on Sunday night (convenient!)


Day 1 - Garage

We will publish the dinner menu two weeks before the event but will have options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Beer, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages available.

What to expect: Attendees will have access to bowl, play pool/billiards, suggest unconference sessions for the next day, and socializing with other contributors.

Day 2 - Washington Convention Center

  • New Contributor Track / Workshop -
    • A half day workshop aimed at getting new and first time contributors on boarded and comfortable with working within the Kubernetes Community. Staying for the duration is required; this is not a workshop you can drop into. (Capacity: 100)
  • Current Contributor Track -
    • talks, workshops, birds of a feather, unconference sessions, steering committee updates, and more!
  • Docs Planning Session -
    • Working on a curated list of issues and challenges that SIG Docs is tackling at that time. (Current+Doc Capacity: 300)

Proposing a BoF Session

We have 4 slots available for the unconference section of the summit. Submit your talk idea on a 5x8 index card provided at The Garage during the Sunday event and in room 610 during the day of the Summit.


  • Hang your card on the board in Room 610
  • You are encouraged to advertise your session to garner support.
  • These sessions are working sessions, they are NOT 1 hour venting sessions, by proposing a talk you are committing to gathering work items and proposals, and coming up with actionable items that people can work on for the next development cycle.


You are encouraged to check the board for sessions that interest you and VOTE on them by putting a dot (and only one dot!) on the session that you would be interested in participating in.

  • Please respect the process by only voting for sessions you plan on attending and refraining from gaming the system.
  • Prior to lunch during the Summit we will pick and announce the top 4 talks by number of votes and then schedule them for the afternoon.

In case of a tie or unclear winner we will schedule the sessions in the contributor lounge.

Monday Schedule

The schedule has been published to so that you can subscribe to the sessions you want to go to.


Time Speaker & Title Room
5:10pm CRDs arent just for add-ons anymore, Tim Hockin Ballroom 6ABC
5:20pm Kubernetes Release Notes Tips and Tricks, Mike Arpaia Ballroom 6ABC
6:40pm Kubernetes Community, a Story told through emojis and slack data, Paris Pittman Ballroom 6ABC

Tuesday-Thursday Schedule

Contributor content flows in KubeCon


Time Speaker & Title Room
1030a SIG Intros: Apps, Auth, IBMCloud TBA
1140a SIG Intros: Cluster Lifecycle, Service Catalog, Storage TBA
1140a Behind Your PR: How Kubernetes Uses Kubernetes to Run Kubernetes CI, Sen Lu and Ben Elder Ballroom 6C
1140a The Future of Your CRDs - Evolving an API, Stefan Schimanski and Mehdy Bohlool Ballroom 6E
140p SIG Intros: Multicluster, Release TBA
235p SIG Intros: Contributor Experience, OpenStack TBA
235p CNCF TOC Live Committee Meeting 606-609


Time Speaker & Title Room
1050a SIG Intros: CLI, PM, Scheduling TBA
1140a Deep Dive: Contributor Experience TBA
1140a SIG Intros: Autoscaling, AWS, Azure TBA
145p Deep Dive: Release TBA
145p SIG Intros: Cloud Provider, Testing TBA
145p Open Source, Open Community, Open Development, Craig McLuckie Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC
235p Deep Dive: PM TBA
235p SIG Intro: IoT WG TBA


Time Speaker & Title Room
1050a Deep Dives: Auth, CLI, Cloud Provider, Multicluster TBA
1140a Deep Dives: API Machinery, Apps, Policy WG TBA
145p Deep Dives: Autoscaling, Cluster Lifecycle (kubeadm), IBMCloud, Service Catalog TBA
235p Deep Dives: Azure, Cluster Lifecycle (Cluster API), IoT WG TBA
340p Deep Dives: Container Identity WG, Testing, VMWare TBA
430p Deep Dives: Big Data, Scheduling TBA

Chat With Us

There is a Slack channel (#contributor-summit) for you to use before and during the summit. Look here for volunteer opportunities and content updates. Feel free to pass URLs, notes, reserve the hallway track room, and connect with the organizers.

Media Policy

A photographer and videographer will be onsite recording sessions, collecting b-roll and other shots for KubeCon. If you would rather not be involved, please reach out to an organizer on the day of so we may accommodate you.

Code of Conduct

This event, like all Kubernetes events, has a Code of Conduct. We will have an onsite rep with contact information to be provided here and posted during the event.


We want to remove as many barriers as possible for you to attend this event. Please contact to see if we can accommodate a request.

Further details to be updated on this doc. Please check back for a complete guide.

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