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2019 Kubernetes Contributor Summit NA

This event is still in the planning stages. Please check back here for updates!

Planning Info:
Project Board - this includes content planning issues! See for meeting time and agenda


This event brings together new and current Kubernetes contributors to connect and learn from one another. It is an opportunity for existing contributors to help shape the future of the project, and offers a welcoming space for new community members to learn, explore and put the contributor workflow to practice. The summit spans two days - an optional social event in the evening of Sunday, November 17th along with the main full-day event on Monday, November 18th.


When and Where

The Contributor Summit takes place in the days leading up to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA, make sure you plan travel accordingly.

But wait!

During KubeCon/CloudNativeCon there will be maintainer-track sessions that include SIG Intros, Deep-Dives as well as contributor talks about upstream work.


  • Recording: Sessions will be video recorded and uploaded to YouTube.
  • Transcription: Transcriptions will be uploaded with the video.
  • Content Sharing: All presentations will be uploaded.


Role Lead Shadow Notes
Event Lead Paris @parispittman Jeff @jeefy
Project Manager Jamie @JamieRachel himanshu @hpandeycodeit
Registration Bob @mrbobbytables Nabarun @palnabarun
Marketing Jonas @jonasrosland nzoueidi @nzoueidi
CNCF Events Manager Deb Giles @debgiles N/A CNCF/LF Employee
Content Coordinator Josh @jberkus
Programmed Sessions Yang Li @idealhack Tariq Ibrahim @tariq1890
Workshops John Belamaric @johnbelamaric Barnabas @makoscafee
Unconference Marky @markyjackson-taulia Cody @thecrudge
New Contributor Workshop Guin @guineveresaenger Allison @alisondy
Rael @raelga
SIG Meet & Greet Dawn Foster @geekygirldawn Jason DeTiberus @detiber
Contributor Awards Claire Laurence @claurence, Tim Pepper @tpepper
Accessibility, Inclusiveness, and Diversity Tasha @tashimi Arnaud @ameukam

Code of Conduct

This event, like all Kubernetes events, has a Code of Conduct. We will have an onsite rep with contact information to be provided here and posted during the event.


We want to remove as many barriers as possible for you to attend this event. Please contact to see if we can accommodate a request.

For general info and questions, please join and direct questions to the #contributor-summit slack channel. To speak directly to the staff, please join the #summit-staff slack channel.

As stated above, this doc will be updated with further details. Please check back for additional information.

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