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The role of this election is to fill out the four (4) seats due for reelection this year on the Kubernetes Steering Committee. Each elected member will serve a two (2) year term.


This election will shape the future of Kubernetes as a community and project. While SIGs and WGs help shape the technical direction of the project, the Steering Committee Charter covers the health of the project and community as a whole. Some direct responsibilities of steering members to consider as you are deciding whether to run or who to vote for:

  • Through the chartering review process, delegate ownership of, responsibility for and authority over areas of the project to specific entities
  • Define, evolve, and defend the non-technical vision / mission and the values of the project
  • Charter and refine policy for defining new community groups and establish transparency and accountability policies for such groups
  • Define and evolve project and group governance structures and policies
  • Act as a final non-technical escalation point for any Kubernetes repository
  • Request funds and other support from the CNCF (e.g. marketing, press, etc.)
  • Define and enforce requirements for community groups to be in good standing such as having an approved charter

For more context, please see the current steering committee backlog or a previous governance meeting video which led to this whole process.


Please refer to the Steering Committee Election Charter for:


Date Event
August 21 Announcement of Election
September 11 All candidate bios and voting exception forms due by 0000 UTC (5pm PST)
September 18 Election Begins via email ballots
October 2 Election Closes by 0000 UTC (5pm PST)
October 3 Announcement of Results at Community Meeting

Candidacy Process


If you want to stand for election, send an email to with the subject line "Steering Committee Nomination: Your Name (@yourgithub)".

If you want to nominate someone else, you may do so, but PLEASE talk to them first.

If you wish to accept a nomination from someone else, reply to the nomination email saying something like "I accept the nomination"


Once nominated, you must get the endorsement of three (3) different eligible voters from three (3) different employers. If you are eligible to vote yourself, you count as one of the three.

Eligible voters may endorse candidates of their choosing by replying to the candidate's nomination email saying something like "I endorse this nominee" or "+1". Please specify your github ID and state that you are in


Eligible candidates must submit a pull request with a biography in this directory with their platform and intent to run. This statement is limited to 300 words and must follow the format of Please refer to the 2018 candidate bios for examples.


Please refer to the Steering Committee Election Charter and understand that we care deeply about limiting corporate campaigning. The election officers and members of the steering committee pledge to recuse themselves from any form of electioneering.

You should be running as a "brand free" individual, based on your contribution to the project as a member of this community, outside of whatever corporate roles you may hold.

Voting Process

Kubernetes members in will receive a ballot via email. If you are not on that list and feel you have worked on Kubernetes in a way that is NOT reflected in GitHub contributions, you can use the voter exemption form to ask to participate in the election.

Elections will be held using time-limited Condorcet ranking on CIVS using the IRV method. The top vote getters will be elected to the open seats.

Employer diversity is encouraged, and thus maximal representation will be enforced as spelled out in the Steering Committee Election Charter.

You will be ranking your choices of the candidates with an option for "no opinion". In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.

The election will open for voting the morning September 28, 2019 via email and end two weeks after on October 2, 2019 at 00:00am UTC. You will receive an email to the address on file at the start of the election from "Kubernetes (CIVS Poll Supervisor) <>, please whitelist if necessary. Detailed voting instructions will be addressed in email and the CIVS polling page. Please note that email ballots might be unreliable, so you are encouraged to contact the election officials if you do not receive a ballot by September 29.


The Steering Committee has selected the following people as election officers:

  • Ihor Dvoretskyi, @idvoretskyi, CNCF
  • Jorge Castro, @castrojo, VMware
  • Bob Killen, @mrbobbytables, University of Michigan
  • Brian Grant, @bgrant0607, Google

Please direct any questions via email to


The newly elected body will be announced in the weekly Kubernetes Community Meeting on October 3, 2019.

Following the meeting, the raw voting results and winners will be published on the Kubernetes Blog.

For more information, definitions, and/or detailed election process, please refer to the Steering Committee Election Charter


Name Organization/Company GitHub
Brendan Burns Microsoft @brendandburns
Christoph Blecker Red Hat @cblecker
Derek Carr Red Hat @derekwaynecarr
Pengfei Ni Microsoft @feiskyer
Stephen Augustus VMware @justaugustus
Kris Nova Sysdig @kris-nova
Klaus Ma Huawei @k82cn
Lachlan Evenson Microsoft @lachie83
Nikhita Raghunath Loodse @nikhita
Paris Pittman Google @parispittman
Vallery Lancey Lyft @vllry
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