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LTS Working Group

Answer the question: Does Kubernetes need a longer support term? If yes, figure out what that looks like for Kubernetes and propose this to the rest of the project. If no, figure out how to help end users cope with this and propose that to the rest of the project. If a proposal is accepted, the working group's mission will change to implement it. The working group is sponsored by SIG Release, but has the potential to span almost all SIGs. For more background see the WG formation proposal.

The charter defines the scope and governance of the LTS Working Group.

Stakeholder SIGs

  • SIG API Machinery
  • SIG Node





  • Evaluate user/operator sentiment and support requirements.
  • Foster cross-vendor, subject matter expert led bug and security fixes for support streams. The project is more sustainable when this work is done once authoritatively in shared support branch(es), versus in parallel at all vendors.
  • Increase developer visibility on cross-release compatibility and stability issues.
  • If appropriate based on analysis, draft LTS KEP for SIG Release to operationalize.

We are an open and active working group, and we always welcome new additions!

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