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Project Funding

Need to pay for something on behalf of the Kubernetes Project? This is the document to read. In general there are a few rough types of costs that can be covered:

  • Infrastructure: testing infra, video conferencing, mailing lists, domains, etc
  • Events: SIG face-to-face meetings, developer summits, etc
  • Consulting services: docs writers, security auditors, etc
  • Community Gifts: swag codes, thank you cards, etc

How to request funding

This GitHub repo,, is used for all funding requests. The issue templates will tell you the information that must be provided.

After filing an issue please expect to wait 1 week for approval and potentially another week to a month for funding from the CNCF depending on the request size.

SIG or Committee Approvals

Please provide links to show the appropriate approval process was followed by including links to the relevant approvals (meeting minutes, e-mail thread, etc.)


What happens behind the scenes?

If the request is approved it will then go through the CNCF Service Desk however only a small number of people from the project can directly make requests.

Who Pays for this stuff?

The Kubernetes project relies on a number of paid services for day-to-day operations; this includes Zoom for video calls, Google cloud for test infrastructure, and Netlify for website deployments. Also, the project covers one-off costs like space for developer summits to bring developers together or swag incentivize and celebrate project successes. And these bills are paid for by CNCF members via their membership fees and at times in-kind donations.

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.


Funding requests for project infrastructure, events, and consulting.




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