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add proxy header ssl-client-issuer-dn, fix #2178 #2235

merged 1 commit into from Mar 22, 2018


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halfcrazy commented Mar 22, 2018

What this PR does / why we need it:
add proxy header ssl-client-issuer-dn, fix #2178
Which issue this PR fixes (optional, in fixes #<issue number>(, fixes #<issue_number>, ...) format, will close that issue when PR gets merged): fixes #

Special notes for your reviewer:

@halfcrazy halfcrazy force-pushed the halfcrazy:issuer-dn branch from 58ca5d0 to 0c93657 Mar 22, 2018
@halfcrazy halfcrazy force-pushed the halfcrazy:issuer-dn branch from 0c93657 to b06669b Mar 22, 2018
@k8s-ci-robot k8s-ci-robot added size/XS and removed size/S labels Mar 22, 2018

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codecov-io commented Mar 22, 2018

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internal/file/bindata.go 51.8% <ø> (ø) ⬆️

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@aledbf aledbf added this to In Progress in 0.13.0 Mar 22, 2018

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halfcrazy commented Mar 22, 2018

/assign @bprashanth


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aledbf commented Mar 22, 2018



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k8s-ci-robot commented Mar 22, 2018


This pull-request has been approved by: aledbf, halfcrazy

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aledbf commented Mar 22, 2018

@halfcrazy thanks!

@aledbf aledbf merged commit 4f5fa47 into kubernetes:master Mar 22, 2018
2 of 3 checks passed
2 of 3 checks passed
tide Not mergeable. Needs approved, lgtm labels.
cla/linuxfoundation halfcrazy authorized
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
@aledbf aledbf moved this from In Progress to done in 0.13.0 Mar 22, 2018
halfcrazy added a commit to halfcrazy/ingress-nginx that referenced this pull request Mar 22, 2018

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halfcrazy commented Mar 22, 2018

@oilbeater Thanks, there is another pr #2236

halfcrazy added a commit to halfcrazy/ingress-nginx that referenced this pull request Mar 22, 2018
aledbf added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 22, 2018
christopherriley added a commit to sagansystems/ingress-nginx that referenced this pull request Jun 25, 2018
* Correct typo (kubernetes#2238)

* correct spelling

* correct typo

* fix-link (kubernetes#2239)

* Add missing configuration in kubernetes#2235 (kubernetes#2236)

* to kubernetes (kubernetes#2240)

to kubernetes

* fix: cannot set $service_name if use rewrite (kubernetes#2220)

$path here is the regular expression formatted nginx location not the origin path in ingress rules. Fix kubernetes#2131

* Revert "Get file max from fs/file-max. (kubernetes#2050)" (kubernetes#2241)

This reverts commit d8efd39.

* add http/2

* fix: empty ingress path (kubernetes#2244)

If the origin ingress rule has no field `path`, the default value will be an empty string which will cause issues when rendering template as other place will use `/` as the default value.
Set the default value of path to `/` when retrieve ingress rules from api-server. Thie will fix kubernetes#1980

* Fix grpc json tag name (kubernetes#2246)

* Add EWMA as configurable load balancing algorithm (kubernetes#2229)

* Update go dependencies (kubernetes#2234)

* Add deployment docs for AWS NLB (kubernetes#1785)

* Update (kubernetes#2255)

a typo fix

* Update (kubernetes#2267)

It should be "your Ingress targets" in line 7.

* Managing a whitelist for _/nginx_status (kubernetes#2187)

Signed-off-by: Sylvain Rabot <>

* Revert deleted assignment in kubernetes#2146 (kubernetes#2270)

* Use SharedIndexInformers in place of Informers (kubernetes#2271)

* clean up tmpl (kubernetes#2263)

The nginx.conf generated now is too messy remove some section only useful when dynamic configure enabled and headers only useful for https.

* Disable opentracing for nginx internal urls (kubernetes#2272)

* Typo fixes in (kubernetes#2274)

* Update

Some typo fixes

* Update

* Update go to 1.10.1 (kubernetes#2273)

* Update (kubernetes#2276)

Small typo fix .

* Fix bug when auth req is enabled(external authentication) (kubernetes#2280)

* set proxy_upstream_name correctly when auth_req module is used

* log a more meaningful message when backend is not found

* Fix nlb instructions (kubernetes#2282)

* e2e tests for dynamic configuration and Lua features and a bug fix (kubernetes#2254)

* e2e tests for dynamic configuration and Lua features

* do not rely on force reload to dynamically configure when reload is needed

* fix misspelling

* skip dynamic configuration in the first template rendering

* dont error on first sync

* Fix flaky e2e tests by always waiting after redeploying the ingress controller (kubernetes#2283)

* Add NoAuthLocations and default it to "/.well-known/acme-challenge" (kubernetes#2243)

* Add NoAuthLocations and default it to "/.well-known/acme-challenge"

* Add e2e tests for no-auth-location

* Improve wording of no-auth-location tests

* Update controller.go (kubernetes#2285)

* Fix custom-error-pages image publication script (kubernetes#2289)

* Update nginx to 1.13.11 (kubernetes#2290)

* Fix HSTS without preload (kubernetes#2294)

* Disable dynamic configuration in s390x and ppc64le (kubernetes#2298)

* Improve indentation of generated nginx.conf (kubernetes#2296)

* Escape variables in add-base-url annotation

* Fix race condition when Ingress does not contains a secret (kubernetes#2300)

* include lua-resty-waf and its dependencies in the base Nginx image (kubernetes#2301)

* install lua-resty-waf

* bump version

* include Kubernetes header

* include the rest of lua-resty-waf dependencies (kubernetes#2303)

* Fix issues building nginx image in different platforms (kubernetes#2305)

* Disable lua waf where luajit is not available (kubernetes#2306)

* Add verification of lua load balancer to health check (kubernetes#2308)

* Configure upload limits for setup of lua load balancer (kubernetes#2309)

* lua-resty-waf controller (kubernetes#2304)

* annotation to ignore given list of WAF rulesets (kubernetes#2314)

* extra waf rules per ingress (kubernetes#2315)

* extra waf rules per ingress

* document annotation

* regenerate internal/file/bindata.go

* run lua-resty-waf in different modes (kubernetes#2317)

* run lua-resty-waf in different modes

* update docs

* Add ingress-nginx survey (kubernetes#2319)

* Fix survey link (kubernetes#2321)

* Update nginx to 1.13.12 (kubernetes#2327)

* Update nginx image (kubernetes#2328)

* Update nginx image

* Update minikube start script

* fix nil pointer when ssl with ca.crt (kubernetes#2331)

* disable lua for arch s390x and ppc64le

LuaJIT is not available for s390x and ppc64le, disable the lua part in nginx.tmpl on these platform.

* Fix buildupstream name to work with dynamic session affinity

* fix make verify-all failures

* Add session affinity to custom load balancing

* Fix nginx template

* Fixed tests

* Sync secrets (SSL certificates) on events

Remove scheduled check for missing secrets.

* Include missing secrets in secretIngressMap

Update secretIngressMap independently from stored annotations, which may
miss some secret references.

* Add test for channel events with referenced secret

* Release nginx ingress controller 0.13.0

* Update owners

* Use same convention, curl + kubectl for GKE

* Correct some returned messages in server_tokens.go

should not exists->should not exist
should exists->should exist

* Typo fix in

it's endpoints->its endpoints

* Correct some info in flags.go

Correct some info in flags.go

* Add proxy-add-original-uri-header config flag

This makes it configurable if a location adds an X-Original-Uri header to the backend request. Default is "true", the current behaviour.

* Check ingress rule contains HTTP paths

* Detect if header injected request_id before creating one

* fix: fill missing patch yaml config.

The patch-service yaml missing livenessProbe, readinessProbe and prometheus annotation parts.

* Add vts-sum-key config flag

* Introduce ConfigMap updating helpers into e2e/framework and retain default nginx-configuration state between tests

Group sublogic

* Update nginx image to fix modsecurity crs issues

* Move the resetting logic into framework

Stylistic fixes based on feedback

* Fix leaky test

* fix the default cookie name in doc

* DOCS: Add clarification regarding ssl passthrough

* Remove most of the time.Sleep from the e2e tests

* Accept ns/name Secret reference in annotations

* Document changes to annotations with Secret reference

* Improve speed of e2e tests

* include lua-resty-balancer in nginx image

* Silence unnecessary MissingAnnotations errors

* Ensure dep fix fsnotify

* Update nginx image

* fix flaky dynamic configuration test

* shave off some more seconds

* cleanup redundant code

* Update go dependencies

* Allow tls section without hosts in Ingress rule

* Add test for store helper ListIngresses

* Add tests for controller getEndpoints

* Add busted unit testing framework for lua code

* Add deployment instructions for Docker for Mac (Edge)

* Update nginx-opentracing to 0.3.0

This version includes a new `` header to make searching by
vhost in zipkin or jaeger more trivial.

* Fix golint installation

* add balancer unit tests

* Endpoint Awareness: Read backends data from tmp file as well

Actually read from the file

Logs probably shouldn't assume knowledge of implementation detail


Added integration test, and dynamic update config refactor

Don't force the 8k default

Minimal test case to make the configuration/backends request body write to temp file

Leverage new safe config updating methods, and use 2 replicas instead of 4

Small refactor

Better integration test, addresses other feedback

Update bindata

* Update nginx image

* automate dev environment build

* Remove unnecessary externalTrafficPolicy on Docker for Mac service

* Apply gometalinter suggestions

* Move all documentation under docs/

* Move miscellaneous tidbits from README to and other files

* Fix some document titles

* Move deployment documentation under docs/deploy/

* Remove empty ingress-annotations document; fix up's layout slightly

* Configure mkdocs with mkdocs-material and friends

* Move "Customizing NGINX" documentation under "NGINX Configuration"

* Regenerate from the actual usage of 0.13

* Remove (the content is already in

* Move documents related to third-party extensions under third-party-addons

* Add buffer configuration to external auth location config

* make code-generator

* Clean JSON before post request to update configuration

* Add scripts and tasks to publish docs to github pages

* Improve readme file

* Fix broken links in the docs

* Remove data races from tests

* Check ginkgo is installed before running e2e tests

* Update

Minor tick missing for syntax highlighting which makes it look ugly on

* Update

Fix grammatical errors

* Update

Fix broken link to ``. 

Also update other links to `` for consistency.

* Add annotation to enable rewrite logs in a location

* upstream-hash-by annotation support for dynamic configuraton mode

* luacheck ignore subfolders too

* Release nginx ingress controller 0.14.0

* Use local image name for e2e tests

* Bump echoserver version used in e2e test (1.10)

* Refactor e2e framework for TLS tests

* Add tests for global TLS settings

* improve script

* always use x-request-id

* Add basic security context to deployment YAMLs

* Update GitHub pull request template

* Improve documentation format

* Add google analytics [ci skip]

* Add gRPC annotation doc

* Adjust size of tables and only adjust the first column on mobile

* Assert or install go-bindata before incanting

* Add Getting the Code section to Quick Start

* Move the TLS secret misc bit to the TLS document

* Clarify how to set --default-ssl-certificate

* Remove the frankly useless curl output in the default certificate section

* Reformat and grammar check

* Remove useless manual TOC

* rework page for clarity and less repetition

* Add upgrade documentation

Closes kubernetes#2458

* Reformat

* Add note about changing annotation prefixes

* Clean up; extract default backend from miscellaneous

* Index all examples and fix their titles

* Example of using nginx-ingress with gRPC

* Exclude grpc-fortune-teller from go list

Deps are managed by bazel so these will fail to
show up in the vendor tree, triggering false positive build fail.

* Fixed broken link in deploy README

* Change TrimLeft for TrimPrefix on the from-to-www redirect

* use roundrobin from lua-resty-balancer library and refactor balancer.lua

* upstream-hash-by should override load-balance annotation

* add resty cookie

* [ci skip] bump nginx baseimage version

* Add some clarification around multiple ingress controller behavior

* Update go version in fortune teller image

* Refactor update of status removing initial check for loadbalancer

* Add KubeCon Europe 2018 Video to documentation

Adds Make Ingress-Nginx Work for you, and the Community Video to the

* force backend sync when worker starts

* Remove warning when secret is used only for authentication

* Fix and simplify local dev workflow and execution of e2e tests

* Release nginx ingress controller 0.15.0
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