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NGINX: 0.22.0

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@aledbf aledbf released this 14 Jan 23:18


New Features:

  • NGINX 1.15.8
  • New balancer implementation: consistent hash subset
  • Adds support for HTTP2 Push Preload annotation
  • Allow to disable NGINX prometheus metrics
  • New --disable-catch-all flag to ignore catch-all ingresses
  • Add flag --metrics-per-host to make per-host metrics optional

Breaking changes:

  • Annotation has changed and will not behave as expected if you don't update them.

    Refer to on how to change it.

    Refer to #3174 (comment) on how to do seamless migration.

  • Annotations and were removed.

    Please check issue #3174 for details.

  • By default do not trust any client to extract true client IP address from X-Forwarded-For header using realip module (use-forwarded-headers: "false")

Complete changelog here