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@aledbf aledbf released this Jul 8, 2019


Breaking Changes:

  • If your Kubernetes cluster version is v1.14.0 or higher, please make sure to update the ClusterRole required for the new Ingress API

New Features:

  • Validating webhook for ingress sanity check documentation

  • Migration from NGINX to OpenResty 1.15.8

  • ARM image
    Due to compilation errors in some modules, the next features are disabled:

  • Improve external authorization concept from opt-in to secure-by-default 3506

  • Reduce memory footprint and cpu usage when modsecurity is enabled 4091

  • Support new package (for Kubernetes cluster > v1.14.0) 4127

  • New variable $proxy_alternative_upstream_name in the log to show a hit in a canary endpoint #4246

Non-functional improvements:

  • Migration from travis-ci to Prow
  • Testgrid dashboards for ingress-nginx
  • Update kind to v0.4.0
  • Switch to go modules
  • Go v1.12.6
  • Docker size image reduced by 20%

Complete changelog here

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