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Code and configuration to manage Kubernetes project infrastructure, including various * sites


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Kubernetes project infrastructure, managed by the kubernetes community via sig-k8s-infra

  • apps: community-managed apps that run on the community-managed aaa cluster
  • artifacts: non-image artifacts published to
  • audit: scripts to export all relevant gcp resources, and the most recently-reviewed export
  • dns: DNS for and
  • groups: google groups on the domain
  • hack: scripts used for development, testing, etc.
  • images: container images published to
  • infra/gcp: scripts and data to manage our GCP infrastructure
    • bash/namespaces: scripts and data to manage K8s namespaces and RBAC for aaa
    • bash/prow: scripts and data used to manage projects used for e2e testing and managed by boskos
    • bash/roles: scripts and data to manage custom GCP IAM roles
    • terraform/modules: terraform modules intended for re-use within this repo
    • terraform/projects: terraform to manage (parts of) GCP projects
  • container images published by the project, promoted from* repos
  • policy: open policy agent policies used by conftest to validate resources in this repo
  • work-in-progress to support cross-cloud mirroring/hosting of containers and binaries

We provide a publicly viewable billing report accessible to members of

Please see for more information