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Copyright 2017 The Kubernetes Authors All rights reserved.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package kobject
import (
dockerCliTypes ""
// KomposeObject holds the generic struct of Kompose transformation
type KomposeObject struct {
ServiceConfigs map[string]ServiceConfig
// LoadedFrom is name of the loader that created KomposeObject
// Transformer need to know origin format in order to tell user what tag is not supported in origin format
// as they can have different names. For example environment variables are called environment in compose but Env in bundle.
LoadedFrom string
// ConvertOptions holds all options that controls transformation process
type ConvertOptions struct {
ToStdout bool
CreateD bool
CreateRC bool
CreateDS bool
CreateDeploymentConfig bool
BuildRepo string
BuildBranch string
Build string
CreateChart bool
GenerateYaml bool
GenerateJSON bool
EmptyVols bool
Volumes string
InsecureRepository bool
Replicas int
InputFiles []string
OutFile string
Provider string
Namespace string
Controller string
IsDeploymentFlag bool
IsDaemonSetFlag bool
IsReplicationControllerFlag bool
IsReplicaSetFlag bool
IsDeploymentConfigFlag bool
IsNamespaceFlag bool
// ServiceConfig holds the basic struct of a container
type ServiceConfig struct {
ContainerName string
Image string `compose:"image"`
Environment []EnvVar `compose:"environment"`
EnvFile []string `compose:"env_file"`
Port []Ports `compose:"ports"`
Command []string `compose:"command"`
WorkingDir string `compose:""`
DomainName string `compose:"domainname"`
HostName string `compose:"hostname"`
Args []string `compose:"args"`
VolList []string `compose:"volumes"`
Network []string `compose:"network"`
Labels map[string]string `compose:"labels"`
Annotations map[string]string `compose:""`
CPUSet string `compose:"cpuset"`
CPUShares int64 `compose:"cpu_shares"`
CPUQuota int64 `compose:"cpu_quota"`
CPULimit int64 `compose:""`
CPUReservation int64 `compose:""`
CapAdd []string `compose:"cap_add"`
CapDrop []string `compose:"cap_drop"`
Expose []string `compose:"expose"`
Pid string `compose:"pid"`
Privileged bool `compose:"privileged"`
Restart string `compose:"restart"`
User string `compose:"user"`
VolumesFrom []string `compose:"volumes_from"`
ServiceType string `compose:"kompose.service.type"`
StopGracePeriod string `compose:"stop_grace_period"`
Build string `compose:"build"`
BuildArgs map[string]*string `compose:"build-args"`
ExposeService string `compose:"kompose.service.expose"`
BuildLabels map[string]string `compose:"build-labels"`
ExposeServiceTLS string `compose:"kompose.service.expose.tls-secret"`
Stdin bool `compose:"stdin_open"`
Tty bool `compose:"tty"`
MemLimit yaml.MemStringorInt `compose:"mem_limit"`
MemReservation yaml.MemStringorInt `compose:""`
DeployMode string `compose:""`
TmpFs []string `compose:"tmpfs"`
Dockerfile string `compose:"dockerfile"`
Replicas int `compose:"replicas"`
GroupAdd []int64 `compose:"group_add"`
Volumes []Volumes `compose:""`
HealthChecks HealthCheck `compose:""`
Placement map[string]string `compose:""`
//This is for long LONG SYNTAX link(
Configs []dockerCliTypes.ServiceConfigObjConfig `compose:""`
//This is for SHORT SYNTAX link(
ConfigsMetaData map[string]dockerCliTypes.ConfigObjConfig `compose:""`
// HealthCheck the healthcheck configuration for a service
// "StartPeriod" is not yet added to compose, see:
type HealthCheck struct {
Test []string
Timeout int32
Interval int32
Retries int32
StartPeriod int32
Disable bool
// EnvVar holds the environment variable struct of a container
type EnvVar struct {
Name string
Value string
// Ports holds the ports struct of a container
type Ports struct {
HostPort int32
ContainerPort int32
HostIP string
Protocol api.Protocol
// Volumes holds the volume struct of container
type Volumes struct {
SvcName string // Service name to which volume is linked
MountPath string // Mountpath extracted from docker-compose file
VFrom string // denotes service name from which volume is coming
VolumeName string // name of volume if provided explicitly
Host string // host machine address
Container string // Mountpath
Mode string // access mode for volume
PVCName string // name of PVC
PVCSize string // PVC size