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Updating the kubeadm command reference documentation

kubeadm uses Cobra as a CLI library and the command line reference documentation is generated automatically. The generated output can be found here:

If a command or a command flag is added or removed this has to be reflected in the documentation on a new release. Some manual steps are still required.

Example scenario: adding a new sub-command

  • Implemented a new kubeadm configuration sub-command called kubeadm config newcommand by sending a PR for kubernetes/kubernetes.
  • Run ./hack/ This will generate files in the folder ./docs/admin/. Some of them will be for the new command - *newcommand*.
  • In your local copy of kubernetes/website navigate to this folder: ./content/en/docs/reference/setup-tools/kubeadm/generated
  • Copy the *newcommand* files from kubernetes/docs/admin/ to the this folder.
  • Create a PR for kubernetes/website and add these files to your commit.
  • Depending on the parent command of newcommand (in this case config) import the generated sub-command in the parent command MD file like so:
     ## kubeadm config view {#cmd-config-newcommand}
     {{< include "generated/" >}}
    Full example:
  • Please note that these files will act only as placeholders with respect to the kubernetes/website and they will later be overwritten with generated files by a separate tool that also supports HTML styles. This process is managed by SIG Docs on each release.

Example scenario: removing a sub-command

  • Remove the sub-command kubeadm config newcommand by sending a PR for kubernetes/kubernetes.
  • When sending a PR for kubernetes/website make sure that you remove files related to *newcommand* in: ./content/en/docs/reference/setup-tools/kubeadm/generated
  • Also, remove includes and any notes about this command in the parent command MD file.
  • Make sure that you commit these changes in your PR for kubernetes/website.