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Fixing Issues

  1. Open an Issue
  2. Create a PR
  3. Email PR to with subject Kubectl Book: Fix Issue <Issue> in <PR>
  4. Optional: Come to sig-cli meeting to discuss

Adding New Content

  1. Open an Issue with proposed content
  2. Email with subject Kubectl Book: Proposed Content <Issue>
  3. Optional: Come to sig-cli meeting to discuss


Running Locally

  • Install GitBook Toolchain
  • From docs/book run npm install to install node_modules locally (don't run install, it updates the shrinkwrap.json)
  • From docs/book run gitbook serve
  • Go to http://localhost:4000 in a browser

Adding a Section

  • Update with a new section formatted as ## Section Name

Adding a Chapter

  • Update under section with chapter formatted as * [Name of Chapter](pages/
  • Add file pages/

Adding Examples to a Chapter

{% method %}
Text Explaining Example
{% sample lang="yaml" %}
Formatted code
{% endmethod %}

Adding Notes to a Chapter

{% panel style="info", title="Title of Note" %}
Note text
{% endpanel %}

Notes may have the following styles:

  • success
  • info
  • warning
  • danger

Building and Publishing a release

  • Run gitbook build
  • Push fies in _book to a server

Adding GitBook plugins

  • Update book.json with the plugin
  • Run npm install <npm-plugin-name>

Cool plugins

See for more plugins.

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