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Fix zsh completion: unknown file attribute error

**What this PR does / why we need it**:
Fixes zsh completion.

Sourcing the file with `zsh` > 4 resulted in an `unknown file attribute`.
More details at
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.github Fix issue template to read more clearly Jan 27, 2017
Godeps Merge pull request #41113 from vmware/AddDatastoreParamForDynamicProv… Feb 24, 2017
api Merge pull request #40013 from jsafrane/storage-ga-class-attributes Feb 23, 2017
build Update etcd to 3.0.17 in integration tests Feb 23, 2017
cluster Merge pull request #41908 from chuckbutler/remove-ivan-from-juju Feb 24, 2017
cmd Merge pull request #39196 from resouer/omit-dot Feb 24, 2017
docs Merge pull request #40013 from jsafrane/storage-ga-class-attributes Feb 23, 2017
examples Fix for Support selection of datastore for dynamic provisioning in vS… Feb 21, 2017
federation Merge pull request #41645 from ncdc/shared-informers-12-admission Feb 24, 2017
hack Merge pull request #41133 from gmarek/nc-taints Feb 24, 2017
hooks Fix spelling in package naming linter error message Dec 20, 2016
logo Updated top level owners file to match new format Jan 19, 2017
pkg solving unknown file attribute error while sourcing completions Feb 24, 2017
plugin generated Feb 24, 2017
staging Merge pull request #41821 from deads2k/apiserver-15-healthz Feb 24, 2017
test generated Feb 24, 2017
third_party Add forked etcd 2.2.1 code to allow rollback to 2.2.1 version Feb 10, 2017
translations Extract some flag description strings to be translated. Feb 22, 2017
vendor Merge pull request #41113 from vmware/AddDatastoreParamForDynamicProv… Feb 24, 2017
.bazelrc Add verify-gofmt as a Bazel test. Feb 11, 2017
.gazelcfg.json Generate a dummy BUILD file in _output/local/go to keep Bazel out of … Jan 6, 2017
.generated_files Move .generated_docs to docs/ so docs OWNERS can review / approve Feb 16, 2017
.gitattributes Add -diff attributes for generated files Dec 9, 2016
.gitignore Add cscope related files into .gitignore. Dec 21, 2016
BUILD.bazel bazel: save git version in kubernetes.tar.gz Jan 24, 2017 Update for v1.6.0-alpha.3. Feb 16, 2017 updated munge-docs Nov 29, 2016
LICENSE LICENSE: revert modifications to Apache license Nov 22, 2016
Makefile Make make quick-release quick again Feb 21, 2017
Makefile.generated_files Remove a from each codegen path Dec 31, 2016
OWNERS Add wojtec to global approvers Jan 25, 2017
OWNERS_ALIASES Add liggitt to sig-cli-maintainers Feb 19, 2017 Tidy up the main README. Feb 2, 2017
Vagrantfile Customizable vagrant rsync args and excludes Nov 14, 2016
WORKSPACE upgrade to latest build rules Feb 1, 2017 Change code of conduct to call CNCF CoC by reference Oct 19, 2016
labels.yaml Updating labels.yaml to add labels: cncf-cla:yes and cncf-cla:no Oct 3, 2016


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Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications. Kubernetes is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Kubernetes builds upon a decade and a half of experience at Google running production workloads at scale using a system called Borg, combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community.

Are you ...

Code of Conduct

The Kubernetes community abides by the CNCF code of conduct. Here is an excerpt:

As contributors and maintainers of this project, and in the interest of fostering an open and welcoming community, we pledge to respect all people who contribute through reporting issues, posting feature requests, updating documentation, submitting pull requests or patches, and other activities.


Do you want to help shape the evolution of technologies that are container-packaged, dynamically-scheduled and microservices-oriented?. If you are a company, you should consider joining the CNCF. For details about who's involved in CNCF and how Kubernetes plays a role, read the announcement. For general information about our community, see the website community page.


If you're interested in being a contributor and want to get involved in developing Kubernetes, get started with this reading:

You will then most certainly gain a lot from joining a SIG, attending the regular hangouts as well as the community meeting.

If you have an idea for a new feature, see the Kubernetes Features repository for a list of features that are coming in new releases as well as details on how to propose one.

Building Kubernetes for the impatient

If you want to build Kubernetes right away there are two options:

$ go get -d
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make
$ git clone
$ cd kubernetes
$ make quick-release

If you are less impatient, head over to the developer's documentation.


While there are many different channels that you can use to get hold of us (Slack, Stack Overflow, Issues, Forums/Mailing lists), you can help make sure that we are efficient in getting you the help that you need.

If you need support, start with the troubleshooting guide and work your way through the process that we've outlined.

That said, if you have questions, reach out to us one way or another. We don't bite!