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Downloads for v1.14.0-alpha.3

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes.tar.gz 5060dcf689dad4e19da5029eb8fc3060a4b2bad988fddff438d0703a45c02481bcfbc15f45d2855f4fd5e9eb43847400ebb25dce19e24f0e0e194a7f57176ce5
kubernetes-src.tar.gz 754c948b5d25b01f211866d473257be5fb576b4b97703eb6fc08679d6525e1f53195a450f3f47b77fabb92bf058583b66230959197b5bcf72528e54ccb349c07

Client Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-client-darwin-386.tar.gz 5bd74dfc86bacf89d6b05d541e13bf390216039a42cc90fef2b248820acd84f56a445ec66d52497ff77e1af47455f285c993cd1d44cc3050996189bd328ea2be
kubernetes-client-darwin-amd64.tar.gz 34e16661d66d337083583dfb478756ec8cc664d7cfc2dd1817bf1da03cdc380668be9df9f178b5fd5ccab5014e6686f83b9fee6192fbf77d2298d397e872a893
kubernetes-client-linux-386.tar.gz 15f99e85bcc95f7b8e1b4c6ecc23de36e89a54108003db926e97ec2e7253f363f6ed85e39a47305dbccf596f72e88edd7bcda6d528919da9c0b81541f58506d4
kubernetes-client-linux-amd64.tar.gz 2e61cf9b776150c4f1830d068ffee9701cb04979152ed6b62fc1bf53163e6194029a4f75536e7fda71c3dfce1de285f425bde342a4efdd1f7bf973f105750ac4
kubernetes-client-linux-arm.tar.gz 67fb3805bb1b4a77f6603fbde9bd1d26e179de1a594c85618aa7b17be6abc510a9a0cd499ef4fe974574cf73b364da641121f21864c8472d713eec76e4c52bca
kubernetes-client-linux-arm64.tar.gz 28930dc384b51051081a52874bc4d6dafa3c992dfa214b977ef711de2c2bc3f90bdaa6243bded1e750997fec04b8ffb910db21c266e47e09426c4dbaf916a64d
kubernetes-client-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz f59eda797a57961d52fe67ba8b25a3a10267f9ce46029ed2140ef4b02615ba9944bd83d7a6e7874c7268a09a3422858b9b0c31f861941ef8be126c594fc3a7cc
kubernetes-client-linux-s390x.tar.gz c56bfb64e55cf95251157a8229a3e94310b2c46bb1c1250050893873e3112578978c1f8e29fa56fac63e2aa8a6382523ac34baf6dd523fe0919f8d702521a564
kubernetes-client-windows-386.tar.gz e49a00fbe600892dc5eed0bc21bac64806da65280c818ca79b5e8adbed7fd5ecebb6b647cb9b89ac862257995145b2397996122eefb3c8d127d857c89c29c9ae
kubernetes-client-windows-amd64.tar.gz 797e20969ed4935adcbc80ccbcd72ec5aa697e70b0d071eceefc6dbacea69aff9f6660e7eefad6661ace0afb66067c4ffaa4f6bc82e8b081b57811ab0abde218

Server Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-server-linux-amd64.tar.gz eddfc9afd7337475c3865443170d1425dcf4a87d981555871a69bcf132e73d99b1ffa08a00490b30c60232f47bbeca4ad6253cf7e1dad44797b4af044dbdbef4
kubernetes-server-linux-arm.tar.gz dc85cd3a039cc0516beb19018c8378f3b7b88fa2edb8fa1476305e89eb7c64fef2d938bd48fd257ea8e690f7d84a69e9784a42aabed35e83ea7362c60773ba67
kubernetes-server-linux-arm64.tar.gz d7c3a72abaa4c3e3243f8b4b3a8adb8be2758e0f883423ea62d2c61b2081464a8976ad43ea0640a7e453aa4d389e3ea2d6d1baedf3b50e1171eca6e49cd087fe
kubernetes-server-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz b268a94eb056eea8bdf4d5739dec430f75a6a6b3c18e30df68d970c3566b3e4a638b3577f6219596ae54eac740628a7ebfecb0772645e6d960f790235e1d62c7
kubernetes-server-linux-s390x.tar.gz f4cfd8d2faacdd1f0065f9e0f4f8d0db7bd8f438f812f70a07f4cb5272ae9bed3ec876b3cbaf2f2a71e65e4de725e1dc0829b43f60f43c9e43656ac928657d5e

Node Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-node-linux-amd64.tar.gz 7040ee3c032ec4fe14530c3e47ee53d731acb947b06e2d560cbcd0e7e513142c0f300302059aaef03e24311946a9c59b576948eec9b520e2367f28fc4f80226c
kubernetes-node-linux-arm.tar.gz 3d32e5243d1c65bce573cfb0f60d643ef3fc684a15551dbc8c3d5435e6854ff104c46c77b0b8708d9c661d52f7865a197ea758f0c17e1ed991993674929ea75e
kubernetes-node-linux-arm64.tar.gz d3a17027fa1c057528422b35e32260f5b7c7246400df595f0ebda5d150456d4388129b1ead4229f98f2b461ff9e85382a7da0d682541844a3c06f0aebe0469b6
kubernetes-node-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 89ed1f5093b49ab9d58d7a70089e881bf388f3316cb2607fa18e3bf072aff3d27aabe99124334774e63decb67349eb82f33ea509b56a72a51e1443c3352b4558
kubernetes-node-linux-s390x.tar.gz 755a60824a9b8c4090a791d332e410692708ecece90e37388f58eb2c7ddddea6b859fefcc5a53ec3d275fee0a355086f4446ae8e85482a668d248cca9f5e503c
kubernetes-node-windows-amd64.tar.gz c71d8055d89e535771f345e0f673da021915a7a82c75951855ba2574a4250c8a57d0636b4ec9bba209edde8edef30098c6dec2f80403cd46139bb88d814c3751

Changelog since v1.14.0-alpha.2

Action Required

  • The --storage-versions flag of kube-apiserver is removed. The storage versions will always be the default value built-in the kube-apiserver binary. (#67678, @caesarxuchao)

Other notable changes

  • fix #73264 cpuPeriod was not reset, but used as set via flag, although it was disabled via alpha gate (#73342, @szuecs)

  • Update kubelet CLI summary documentation and generated Webpage (#73256, @deitch)

  • Considerably reduced the CPU load in kube-apiserver while aggregating OpenAPI specifications from aggregated API servers. (#71223, @sttts)

  • kubeadm: add a preflight check that throws a warning if the cgroup driver for Docker on Linux is not "systemd" as per the CRI installation guide. (#73837, @neolit123)

  • Kubelet: add usageNanoCores from CRI stats provider (#73659, @feiskyer)

  • Fix watch to not send the same set of events multiple times causing watcher to go back in time (#73845, @wojtek-t)

  • system:kube-controller-manager and system:kube-scheduler users are now permitted to perform delegated authentication/authorization checks by default RBAC policy (#72491, @liggitt)

  • Prevent AWS Network Load Balancer security groups ingress rules to be deleted by ensuring target groups are tagged. (#73594, @masterzen)

  • Set a low oom_score_adj for containers in pods with system-critical priorities (#73758, @sjenning)

  • Ensure directories on volumes are group-executable when using fsGroup (#73533, @mxey)

  • kube-apiserver now only aggregates openapi schemas from /openapi/v2 endpoints of aggregated API servers. The fallback to aggregate from /swagger.json has been removed. Ensure aggregated API servers provide schema information via /openapi/v2 (available since v1.10). (#73441, @roycaihw)

  • Change docker metrics to conform metrics guidelines and using histogram for better aggregation. (#72323, @danielqsj)

    • The following metrics are deprecated, and will be removed in a future release:
      • docker_operations
      • docker_operations_latency_microseconds
      • docker_operations_errors
      • docker_operations_timeout
      • network_plugin_operations_latency_microseconds
    • Please convert to the following metrics:
      • docker_operations_total
      • docker_operations_latency_seconds
      • docker_operations_errors_total
      • docker_operations_timeout_total
      • network_plugin_operations_latency_seconds
  • kubectl delete --all-namespaces is a recognized flag. (#73716, @deads2k)

  • MAC Address filter has been fixed in vSphere Cloud Provider, it no longer ignores 00:1c:14 and 00:05:69 prefixes (#73721, @frapposelli)

  • Add kubelet_node_name metrics. (#72910, @danielqsj)

  • The HugePages feature gate has graduated to GA, and can no longer be disabled. The feature gate will be removed in v1.16 (#72785, @derekwaynecarr)

  • Fix a bug that aggregated openapi spec may override swagger securityDefinitions and swagger info in kube-apiserver (#73484, @roycaihw)

  • Fixes a bug that prevented deletion of dynamically provisioned volumes in Quobyte backends. (#68925, @casusbelli)

  • error messages returned in authentication webhook status responses are now correctly included in the apiserver log (#73595, @liggitt)

  • kubeadm: kubeadm alpha preflight and kubeadm alpha preflight node are removed; you can now use kubeadm join phase preflight (#73718, @fabriziopandini)

  • kube-apiserver: the deprecated repair-malformed-updates has been removed (#73663, @danielqsj)

  • e2e.test now rejects unknown --provider values instead of merely warning about them. An empty provider name is not accepted anymore and was replaced by "skeleton" (= a provider with no special behavior). (#73402, @pohly)

  • Updated AWS SDK to v1.16.26 for ECR PrivateLink support (#73435, @micahhausler)

  • Expand kubectl wait to work with more types of selectors. (#71746, @rctl)

  • The CustomPodDNS feature gate has graduated to GA, and can no longer be disabled. The feature gate will be removed in v1.16 (#72832, @MrHohn)

  • The rules field in RBAC Role and ClusterRole objects is now correctly reported as optional in the openapi schema. (#73250, @liggitt)

  • AWS ELB health checks will now use HTTPS/SSL protocol for HTTPS/SSL backends. (#70309, @2rs2ts)

  • kubeadm reset: fixed crash caused by absence of a configuration file (#73636, @bart0sh)

  • CoreDNS is now version 1.3.1 (#73610, @rajansandeep)

      • A new k8s_external plugin that allows external zones to point to Kubernetes in-cluster services.
      • CoreDNS now checks if a zone transfer is allowed. Also allow a TTL of 0 to avoid caching in the cache plugin.
      • TTL is also applied to negative responses (NXDOMAIN, etc).
  • Missing directories listed in a user's PATH are no longer considered errors and are instead logged by the "kubectl plugin list" command when listing available plugins. (#73542, @juanvallejo)

  • remove kubelet flag '--experimental-fail-swap-on' (deprecated in v1.8) (#69552, @Pingan2017)

  • Introduced support for Windows nodes into the cluster bringup scripts for GCE. (#73442, @pjh)

  • Now users could get object info like: (#73063, @WanLinghao)

    • a. kubectl get pod test-pod -o custom-columns=CONTAINER:.spec.containers[0:3].name
    • b. kubectl get pod test-pod -o custom-columns=CONTAINER:.spec.containers[-2:].name
  • scheduler: use incremental scheduling cycle in PriorityQueue to put all in-flight unschedulable pods back to active queue if we received move request (#73309, @cofyc)

  • fixes an error processing watch events when running skewed apiservers (#73482, @liggitt)

  • Prometheus metrics for crd_autoregister, crd_finalizer and crd_naming_condition_controller are exported. (#71767, @roycaihw)

  • Adds deleting pods created by DaemonSet assigned to not existing nodes. (#73401, @krzysztof-jastrzebski)

  • Graduate Pod Priority and Preemption to GA. (#73498, @bsalamat)

  • Adds configuration for AWS endpoint fine control: (#72245, @ampsingram)

    • OverrideEndpoints bool Set to true to allow custom endpoints
    • ServiceDelimiter string Delimiter to use to separate overridden services (multiple services) Defaults to "&"
    • ServicenameDelimiter string Delimiter to use to separate servicename from its configuration parameters Defaults "|"
    • OverrideSeparator string Delimiter to use to separate region of occurrence, url and signing region for each override Defaults to ","
    • ServiceOverrides string example: s3|region1,, some signing_region & ec2|region2,, signing_region
  • The CoreDNS configuration now has the forward plugin for proxy in the default configuration instead of the proxy plugin. (#73267, @rajansandeep)

  • Fixed a bug that caused PV allocation on non-English vSphere installations to fail (#73115, @alvaroaleman)



Downloads for v1.14.0-alpha.2

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes.tar.gz 1330e4421b61f6b1e6e4dee276d4742754bd3dd4493508d67ebb4445065277c619c4da8b4835febf0b2cdcf9e75fce96de1c1d99998904bae2bb794a453693f2
kubernetes-src.tar.gz 352c043bebf13a616441c920f3eec80d3f02f111d8488c31aa903e1483bce6d1fbe7472208f64730142960c8f778ab921ef7b654540a3ec09e53bd7e644521bd

Client Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-client-darwin-386.tar.gz ee5aba4efce323167e6d897a2ff6962a240e466333bcae9390be2c8521c6da50ac2cb6139510b693aad49d6393b97a2118ed1fe4f999dd08bdca6d875d25f804
kubernetes-client-darwin-amd64.tar.gz 4b5c0b340322956a8d096c595124a765ac318d0eb460d6320218f2470e22d88221a0a9f1f93d5f3075f1c36b18c7041ee2fcb32e0f9c94d9f79bc3fd3005e68e
kubernetes-client-linux-386.tar.gz 7a5bfe68dd58c8478746a410872b615daf8abb9a78754140fb4d014a0c9177a87859ac046f56f5743fb97a9881abc2cf48c3e51aa02c8a86a754bf2cc59edb54
kubernetes-client-linux-amd64.tar.gz c3139f58070241f2da815f701af3c0bd0ea4fdec1fe54bb859bd11237ac9b75ecb01b62ac1c7a459a4dd79696412c6d2f8cbd492fd062a790ceadd3dcc9b07fd
kubernetes-client-linux-arm.tar.gz 9d96d2e1e11aa61e2c3a5f4f27c18866feae9833b6ee70b15f5cdb5f992849dc1f79821af856b467487092a21a447231fb9c4de6ee6f17defed3cfa16d35b4c6
kubernetes-client-linux-arm64.tar.gz 7b4dd825cf9f217c18b28976a3faa94f0bd4868e541e5be7d57cd770e2b163c6daddf12e5f9ad51d92abde794a444f2a20bf582a30f03c39e60186d356030a2d
kubernetes-client-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 490638e250c24b6bad8b67358fd7890f7a2f6456ae8ffe537c28bb5b3ce7abc591e6fecbddd6744f0f6c0e24b9f44c31f7ca1f7ebfc3c0d17a96fe8cf27b8548
kubernetes-client-linux-s390x.tar.gz 9dd8c3361eda15dd1594066c55b79cb9a34578c225b2b48647cd5b34619cf23106b845ee25b80d979f8b69e8733148842177500dc48989177b6944677f071f1c
kubernetes-client-windows-386.tar.gz d624b8aead053201765b713d337528be82a71328ee3dd569f556868ceeb4904e64584892a016d247608fc4521c00ead7aed5d973b1206caa2d00406532d5b8b4
kubernetes-client-windows-amd64.tar.gz a1cf8c67984dd4eb4610fa05d27fe9e9e4123159f933e3986e9db835b9cf136962168f0003071001e01e2c1831804ba0a366f2495741aa60a41587a69c09cb62

Server Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-server-linux-amd64.tar.gz b93982b56371994c540cd11e6bc21808279340617164992c10f30d8e6ae4d5e270e41c1edc0625d3458a18944ec7aa8c273acbbcd718d60b6cacbc24220c42ac
kubernetes-server-linux-arm.tar.gz bfd76c6b26e5927166d776f6110b97ee36c1d63ad39e2d18899f3e428ebb0f9615bb677ac8e9bcc1864c72a40efd71e1314fe6d137f9c6e54f720270929e3f46
kubernetes-server-linux-arm64.tar.gz 6721dec0df9466cd6c056160c73d598296cebb0af9259eb21b693abb8708901bc8bc30e11815e14d00d6eb12b8bb90b699e3119b922da855e2c411bdf229d6e5
kubernetes-server-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz f8cd307db8141d989ae1218dd2b438bc9cee017d533b1451d2345f9689c451fdb080acd1b9b2f535ed04017e44b81a0585072e7d58a9d201a0ec28fd09df0a6f
kubernetes-server-linux-s390x.tar.gz de7514bbd87a1b363e1bc7787f37d5ea10faac4afe7c5163c23c4df16781aa77570ec553bc4f4b6094166c1fcfc3c431f13e51ffa32f7ea2849e76ec0151ea35

Node Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-node-linux-amd64.tar.gz 8c37fd2fe6232d2c148e23df021b8b5347136263399932bcdff0c7a0186f3145de9ede4936b14de7484cc6db9241517d79b5306c380ed374396882900b63e912
kubernetes-node-linux-arm.tar.gz 389e4e77ab9e62968a25b8f4e146a2c3fbb3db2e60e051922edf6395c26cc5380e5a77bf67022339d6ebfe9abd714636d77510bbc42924b4265fdb245fae08c9
kubernetes-node-linux-arm64.tar.gz 7efc32dfeefcef7f860913c25431bd891a435e92cb8d5a95f8deca1a82aa899a007d4b19134493694a4bccb5564867488634a780c128f0cf82c61d98afa889f5
kubernetes-node-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz da30c03bca4b81d810a7df006db02333dea87e336d6cdca9c93392e01c7e43bf4902c969efa7fa53e8a70a0e863b403ec26b87bd38226b8b9f98777ddb0051a0
kubernetes-node-linux-s390x.tar.gz cce43b7f0350b9e5a77ea703225adb9714ef022d176db5b99a0327937d19021d7a8e93ef1169389fd53b895bb98725d23c7565ef80afdd17596c26daf41eeeac
kubernetes-node-windows-amd64.tar.gz d3accf522d80cbfb3d03e9eaa60a09767ba11e88a8a5b44a629192a7c6916b1fb3440f022a5ffc4ea78f3595f254a42f028dd428d117360091cd0c747ec39eb5

Changelog since v1.14.0-alpha.1

Action Required

  • Promote ValidateProxyRedirects to Beta, and enable by default. This feature restricts redirect following from the apiserver to same-host redirects. (#72552, @tallclair)
    • ACTION REQUIRED: If nodes are configured to respond to CRI streaming requests on a different host interface than what the apiserver makes requests on (only the case if not using the built-in dockershim & setting the kubelet flag --redirect-container-streaming=true), then these requests will be broken. In that case, the feature can be temporarily disabled until the node configuration is corrected. We suggest setting --redirect-container-streaming=false on the kubelet to avoid issues.

Other notable changes

  • Added alpha field storageVersionHash to the discovery document for each resource. Its value must be treated as opaque by clients. Only equality comparison on the value is valid. (#73191, @caesarxuchao)
  • Fix admission metrics in seconds. (#72343, @danielqsj)
    • Add metrics *_admission_latencies_milliseconds and *_admission_latencies_milliseconds_summary for backward compatible, but will be removed in a future release.
  • Pod eviction now honors graceful deletion by default if no delete options are provided in the eviction request (#72730, @liggitt)
  • Update to go1.11.5 (#73326, @ixdy)
  • Change proxy metrics to conform metrics guidelines. (#72334, @danielqsj)
    • The metrics sync_proxy_rules_latency_microseconds is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release, please convert to metricssync_proxy_rules_latency_seconds.
  • Add network stats for Windows nodes and pods. (#70121, @feiskyer)
  • kubeadm: When certificates are present joining a new control plane make sure that they match at least the required SANs (#73093, @ereslibre)
  • A new TaintNodesByCondition admission plugin taints newly created Node objects as "not ready", to fix a race condition that could cause pods to be scheduled on new nodes before their taints were updated to accurately reflect their reported conditions. This admission plugin is enabled by default if the TaintNodesByCondition feature is enabled. (#73097, @bsalamat)
  • kube-addon-manager was updated to v9.0, and now uses kubectl v1.13.2 and prunes workload resources via the apps/v1 API (#72978, @liggitt)
  • When a watch is closed by an HTTP2 load balancer and we are told to go away, skip printing the message to stderr by default. (#73277, @smarterclayton)
  • If you are running the cloud-controller-manager and you have the alpha Initializer enabled, you must now enable PersistentVolume labeling using the PersistentVolumeLabel admission controller instead. You can do this by adding PersistentVolumeLabel in the --enable-admission-plugins kube-apiserver flag. (#73102, @andrewsykim)
  • The alpha Initializers feature, API version, Initializers admission plugin, and use of the metadata.initializers API field have been removed. Discontinue use of the alpha feature and delete any existing InitializerConfiguration API objects before upgrading. The metadata.initializers field will be removed in a future release. (#72972, @liggitt)
  • Scale max-inflight limits together with master VM sizes. (#73268, @wojtek-t)
  • kubectl supports copying files with wild card (#72641, @dixudx)
  • kubeadm: add back --cert-dir option for kubeadm init phase certs sa (#73239, @mattkelly)
  • Remove deprecated args '--show-all' (#69255, @Pingan2017)
  • As per deprecation policy in (#73001, @shivnagarajan)
    • the taints "" and "". are no
    • longer supported or adjusted. These uses should be replaced with ""
    • and "" respectively instead.
  • The /swagger.json and /swagger-2.0.0.pb-v1 schema documents, deprecated since v1.10, have been removed in favor of /openapi/v2 (#73148, @liggitt)
  • CoreDNS is only officially supported on Linux at this time. As such, when kubeadm is used to deploy this component into your kubernetes cluster, it will be restricted (using nodeSelectors) to run only on nodes with that operating system. This ensures that in clusters which include Windows nodes, the scheduler will not ever attempt to place CoreDNS pods on these machines, reducing setup latency and enhancing initial cluster stability. (#69940, @MarcPow)
  • kubeadm now attempts to detect an installed CRI by its usual domain socket, so that --cri-socket can be omitted from the command line if Docker is not used and there is a single CRI installed. (#69366, @rosti)
  • scheduler: makes pod less racing so as to be put back into activeQ properly (#73078, @Huang-Wei)
  • jsonpath expressions containing [start:end:step] slice are now evaluated correctly (#73149, @liggitt)
  • metadata.deletionTimestamp is no longer moved into the future when issuing repeated DELETE requests against a resource containing a finalizer. (#73138, @liggitt)
  • The "kubectl api-resources" command will no longer fail to display any resources on a single failure (#73035, @juanvallejo)
  • e2e tests that require SSH may be used against clusters that have nodes without external IP addresses by setting the environment variable KUBE_SSH_BASTION to the host:port of a machine that is allowed to SSH to those nodes. The same private key that the test would use is used for the bastion host. The test connects to the bastion and then tunnels another SSH connection to the node. (#72286, @smarterclayton)
  • kubeadm: explicitly wait for etcd to have grown when joining a new control plane (#72984, @ereslibre)
  • Install CSINodeInfo and CSIDriver CRDs in the local cluster. (#72584, @xing-yang)
  • kubectl loads config file once and uses persistent client config (#71117, @dixudx)
  • remove stale OutOfDisk condition from kubelet side (#72507, @dixudx)
  • Node OS/arch labels are promoted to GA (#73048, @yujuhong)
  • Fix graceful apiserver shutdown to not drop outgoing bytes before the process terminates. (#72970, @sttts)
  • Change apiserver metrics to conform metrics guidelines. (#72336, @danielqsj)
    • The following metrics are deprecated, and will be removed in a future release:
      • apiserver_request_count
      • apiserver_request_latencies
      • apiserver_request_latencies_summary
      • apiserver_dropped_requests
      • etcd_helper_cache_hit_count
      • etcd_helper_cache_miss_count
      • etcd_helper_cache_entry_count
      • etcd_request_cache_get_latencies_summary
      • etcd_request_cache_add_latencies_summary
      • etcd_request_latencies_summary
      • transformation_latencies_microseconds
      • data_key_generation_latencies_microseconds
    • Please convert to the following metrics:
      • apiserver_request_total
      • apiserver_request_latency_seconds
      • apiserver_dropped_requests_total
      • etcd_helper_cache_hit_total
      • etcd_helper_cache_miss_total
      • etcd_helper_cache_entry_total
      • etcd_request_cache_get_latency_seconds
      • etcd_request_cache_add_latency_seconds
      • etcd_request_latency_seconds
      • transformation_latencies_seconds
      • data_key_generation_latencies_seconds
  • acquire lock before operating unschedulablepodsmap (#73022, @denkensk)
  • Print SizeLimit of EmptyDir in kubectl describe pod outputs. (#69279, @dtaniwaki)
  • add goroutine to move unschedulable pods to activeq if they are not retried for more than 1 minute (#72558, @denkensk)
  • PidPressure evicts pods from lowest priority to highest priority (#72844, @dashpole)
  • Reduce GCE log rotation check from 1 hour to every 5 minutes. Rotation policy is unchanged (new day starts, log file size > 100MB). (#72062, @jpbetz)
  • Add support for max attach limit for Cinder (#72980, @gnufied)
  • Fixes the setting of NodeAddresses when using the vSphere CloudProvider and nodes that have multiple IP addresses. (#70805, @danwinship)
  • kubeadm: pull images when joining a new control plane instance (#72870, @MalloZup)
  • Enable mTLS encription between etcd and kube-apiserver in GCE (#70144, @wenjiaswe)
  • The /swaggerapi/* schema docs, deprecated since 1.7, have been removed in favor of the /openapi/v2 schema docs. (#72924, @liggitt)
  • Allow users to use Docker 18.09 with kubeadm (#72823, @dims)



Downloads for v1.14.0-alpha.1

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes.tar.gz fac80e5674e547d00987516fb2eca6ea9947529307566be6a12932e3c9e430e8ad094afae748f31e9574838d98052423e3634a067f1456f7c13f6b27bfa63bcc
kubernetes-src.tar.gz d1b5b2c15cb0daa076606f4ccf887724b0166dee0320f2a61d16ab4689931ab0cf5dac4c499aea3d434eb96d589d2b3effe0037e2244978d4290bd19b9a3edea

Client Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-client-darwin-386.tar.gz 307c426e4abaf81648af393ddd641c225d87b02d8662d1309fe3528f14ed91b2470f6b46dc8ce0459cf196e2cec906f7eb972bf4c9a96cbd570e206f5a059dca
kubernetes-client-darwin-amd64.tar.gz 8daa85f3e8feaea0d55f20f850038dd113f0f08b62eef944b08a9109d4e69f323a8fcf20c12790c78386b454148bcc9a0cdf106ba3393620709d185c291887fa
kubernetes-client-linux-386.tar.gz 28d73c299cb9859fdfeb3e4869a7a9c77f5679309c2613bd2c72d92dafd5faad0653a7377616190edd29cb8fa1aff104daba98f398e72f3447a132f208dde756
kubernetes-client-linux-amd64.tar.gz eb923e13026f80b743a57100d4f94995f322ab6f107c34ffd9aa74b5a6c6a4a410aff8921a4f675ace7db2ff8158a90874b8f56d3142ad2cbe615c11ec2d4535
kubernetes-client-linux-arm.tar.gz 279b0d0c560900021abea4bbfc25aeca7389f0b37d80022dc3335147344663424e7ba6a0abecb2dca1d2facb4163e26080750736a9a1932d67422f88b0940679
kubernetes-client-linux-arm64.tar.gz d69d28361b9c9e16f3e6804ccda92d55ee743e63aba7fded04edf1f7202b1fa96c235e36ab2ca17df99b4aede80b92150790885bdb7f5b4d7956af3c269dd83c
kubernetes-client-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz ca6ebb87df98bf179c94f54a4e8ae2ef2ea534b1bc5014331f937aa9d4c0442d5423651457871ef5c51f481ba8a3f449d69ef7e42e49c1b313f66cff3d44926f
kubernetes-client-linux-s390x.tar.gz 13fa2058ceba66d8da5ba5982aa302cdd1c61d15253183ab97739229584a178f057f7979b49a035cb2355197dbb388d1642939e2c002b10e23263127030022ab
kubernetes-client-windows-386.tar.gz 42ba4bba477e2958aab674a0fbf888bd5401fa5fbc39466b6cad0fc97e249ac949042c513bf176957bcb336a906e612d9c6790215e78c280225351236ec96993
kubernetes-client-windows-amd64.tar.gz d5f339fe4d37c61babc97208446d1859423b7679f34040f72e9138b72a18d982e66732d1f4b4f3443700f9cbe96bfc0e12eaec0a8a373fb903b49efdafcbae04

Server Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-server-linux-amd64.tar.gz bcbcbd3ac4419e54e894d1e595f883e61fcf9db0353a30d794a9e5030cde8957abe8124fa5265e8c52fbc93f07cfe79b2493f791dc225468bf927b7ab4694087
kubernetes-server-linux-arm.tar.gz fda4ea9168555f724659601b06737dea6ec95574569df4ef7e4ab6c2cca3327623ef310bf34f792767f00ee8069b9dd83564835d43daf973087be816be40010b
kubernetes-server-linux-arm64.tar.gz c142857711ec698844cd61188e70b5ab185ba2c8828cf5563a2f42958489e2ae4dbb2c1626271d4f5582167bb363e55ed03afb15e7e86cd414e0dc049fe384c0
kubernetes-server-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 524a40c5717b24c5a3b2491c4c61cf3038ba5ae7f343797a1b56a5906d6a0a3eb57e9ae78590c28ac3d441d9d1bb480a0c264a07e009a4365503ad2357614aa8
kubernetes-server-linux-s390x.tar.gz ef943fe326b05ece57f2e409ab1cc5fe863f5effa591abae17181c84a5eb4061e9f394ffcc8ee6ebb3f5165b183bab747a8cef540cbb1436343e8180cec037e0

Node Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-node-linux-amd64.tar.gz 396f7588e9131dd1b99d101c8bb94fb7e67ab067327ee58dab5a6e24887d8fbb6fc78fe50804abb0ab2f626034881d4280b3f678a1fd8b34891762bf2172b268
kubernetes-node-linux-arm.tar.gz b75c1550438da0b66582d6de90436ee3c44e41e67f74947d93ee9a07ed2b7757762f3f2b05bd7b5589d7e1ea2eb3616b2ef4fe59a9fbe9d8e7cb8f0c9d3dd158
kubernetes-node-linux-arm64.tar.gz b6c46f9250b5565fa178ecc99ffedc6724b0bfffb73acc7d3da2c678af71008a264502cc4a48a6e7452bd0a60d77194141bbc2ea9af49176ea66e27d874b77ac
kubernetes-node-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 8d505c61a59bc9fc53d6f219d6434ddd962ba383654c46e16d413cee0ad6bd26f276a9860ad3680349bcfacb361e75de07fc44f7d14c054c47b6bd0eae63615f
kubernetes-node-linux-s390x.tar.gz 83b6cf0fb348faa93fa40ec2a947b202b3a5a2081c3896ae39618f947a57b431bc774fbe3a5437719f50f002de252438dc16bac6f632c11140f55d5051094ae6
kubernetes-node-windows-amd64.tar.gz 43471680533685c534023787cd40431b67041bab43e93dea457283ee0f08a8fa02ee9ade3737d8e64d1d3255a281af9a107cb61f9e4d9c99dee188c82a075580

Changelog since v1.13.0

Action Required

  • action required (#68753, @johnSchnake)
    • If you are running E2E tests which require SSH keys and you utilize environment variables to override their location, you may need to modify the environment variable set. On all providers the environment variable override can now be either an absolute path to the key or a relative path (relative to ~/.ssh). Specifically the changes are:
      • Created new GCE_SSH_KEY allowing specification of SSH keys for gce, gke, and kubemark.
      • AWS_SSH_KEY, previously assumed to be an absolute path can now be either relative or absolute
      • LOCAL_SSH_KEY (for local and vsphere providers) was previously assumed to be a filename relative to ~/.ssh but can now also be an absolute path
      • KUBE_SSH_KEY (for skeleton provider) was previously assumed to be a filename relative to ~/.ssh but can now also be an absolute path

Other notable changes

  • Connections from Pods to Services with 0 endpoints will now ICMP reject immediately, rather than blackhole and timeout. (#72534, @thockin)
  • Improve efficiency of preemption logic in clusters with many pending pods. (#72895, @bsalamat)
  • Change scheduler metrics to conform metrics guidelines. (#72332, @danielqsj)
    • The following metrics are deprecated, and will be removed in a future release:
      • e2e_scheduling_latency_microseconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_latency_microseconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_predicate_evaluation
      • scheduling_algorithm_priority_evaluation
      • scheduling_algorithm_preemption_evaluation
      • binding_latency_microseconds
    • Please convert to the following metrics:
      • e2e_scheduling_latency_seconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_latency_seconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_predicate_evaluation_seconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_priority_evaluation_seconds
      • scheduling_algorithm_preemption_evaluation_seconds
      • binding_latency_seconds
  • Fix SelectorSpreadPriority scheduler to match all selectors when distributing pods. (#72801, @Ramyak)
  • Add bootstrap service account & cluster roles for node-lifecycle-controller, cloud-node-lifecycle-controller, and cloud-node-controller. (#72764, @andrewsykim)
  • Fixes spurious 0-length API responses. (#72856, @liggitt)
  • Updates Fluentd to 1.3.2 & added filter_parser (#71180, @monotek)
  • The leaderelection package allows the lease holder to release its lease when the calling context is cancelled. This allows (#71490, @smarterclayton)
    • faster handoff when a leader-elected process is gracefully terminated.
  • Make volume binder resilient to races between main schedule loop and async binding operation (#72045, @cofyc)
  • Bump minimum docker API version to 1.26 (1.13.1) (#72831, @yujuhong)
  • If the TokenRequestProjection feature gate is disabled, projected serviceAccountToken volume sources are now dropped at object creation time, or at object update time if the existing object did not have a projected serviceAccountToken volume source. Previously, these would result in validation errors. (#72714, @mourya007)
  • Add metrics-port to kube-proxy cmd flags. (#72682, @whypro)
  • kubectl: fixed an issue with "too old resource version" errors continuously appearing when calling kubectl delete (#72825, @liggitt)
  • [Breaking change, client-go]: The WaitFor function returns, probably an ErrWaitTimeout, when the done channel is closed, even if the WaitFunc doesn't handle the done channel. (#72364, @kdada)
  • removes newline from json output for windows nodes #72657 (#72659, @jsturtevant)
  • The DenyEscalatingExec and DenyExecOnPrivileged admission plugins are deprecated and will be removed in v1.18. Use of PodSecurityPolicy or a custom admission plugin to limit creation of pods is recommended instead. (#72737, @liggitt)
  • Fix describe statefulset not printing number of desired replicas correctly (#72781, @tghartland)
  • Fix kube-proxy PodSecurityPolicy binding on GCE & GKE. This was only an issue when running kube-proxy as a DaemonSet, with PodSecurityPolicy enabled. (#72761, @tallclair)
  • Drops status.Conditions of new PersistentVolume objects if it was not set on the old object during PrepareForUpdate. (#72739, @rajathagasthya)
  • kubelet: fixes cadvisor internal error when "--container-runtime-endpoint" is set to "unix:///var/run/crio/crio.sock". (#72340, @makocchi-git)
  • The spec.SecurityContext.Sysctls field is now dropped during creation of Pod objects unless the Sysctls feature gate is enabled. (#72752, @rajathagasthya)
    • The spec.AllowedUnsafeSysctls and spec.ForbiddenSysctls fields are now dropped during creation of PodSecurityPolicy objects unless the Sysctls feature gate is enabled.
  • kubeadm: fixed storing of front-proxy certificate in secrets required by kube-controller-manager selfhosting pivoting (#72727, @bart0sh)
  • Administrator is able to configure max pids for a pod on a node. (#72076, @derekwaynecarr)
  • Move users of factory.NewConfigFactory to scheduler.New. (#71875, @wgliang)
  • The spec.SecurityContext.ShareProcessNamespace field is now dropped during creation of Pod objects unless the PodShareProcessNamespace feature gate is enabled. (#72698, @rajathagasthya)
  • kube-apiserver: When configuring integration with external KMS Providers, users can supply timeout value (i.e. how long should kube-apiserver wait before giving up on a call to KMS). (@immutableT ) (#72540, @immutableT)
  • The spec.readinessGates field is now dropped during creation of Pod objects unless the PodReadinessGates feature gate is enabled. (#72695, @rajathagasthya)
  • The spec.dataSource field is now dropped during creation of PersistentVolumeClaim objects unless the VolumeSnapshotDataSource feature gate is enabled. (#72666, @rajathagasthya)
  • Stop kubelet logging a warning to override hostname if there's no change detected. (#71560, @KashifSaadat)
  • client-go: fake clients now properly return NotFound errors when attempting to patch non-existent objects (#70886, @bouk)
  • kubectl: fixes a bug determining the correct namespace while running in a pod when the --context flag is explicitly specified, and the referenced context specifies the namespace default (#72529, @liggitt)
  • Fix scheduling starvation of pods in cluster with large number of unschedulable pods. (#72619, @everpeace)
  • If the AppArmor feature gate is disabled, AppArmor-specific annotations in pod and pod templates are dropped when the object is created, and during update of objects that do not already contain AppArmor annotations, rather than triggering a validation error. (#72655, @liggitt)
  • client-go: shortens refresh period for token files to 1 minute to ensure auto-rotated projected service account tokens are read frequently enough. (#72437, @liggitt)
  • Multiple tests which previously failed due to lack of external IP addresses defined on the nodes should now be passable. (#68792, @johnSchnake)
  • kubeadm: fixed incorrect controller manager pod mutations during selfhosting pivoting (#72518, @bart0sh)
  • Increase Azure default maximumLoadBalancerRuleCount to 250. (#72621, @feiskyer)
  • RuntimeClass is now printed with extra RUNTIME-HANDLER column. (#72446, @Huang-Wei)
  • Updates the kubernetes dashboard add-on to v1.10.1. Skipping dashboard login is no longer enabled by default. (#72495, @liggitt)
  • [GCP] Remove confusing error log entry form fluentd scalers. (#72243, @cezarygerard)
  • change azure disk host cache to ReadOnly by default (#72229, @andyzhangx)
  • Nodes deleted in the cloud provider with Ready condition Unknown should also be deleted on the API server. (#72559, @andrewsykim)
  • kubectl apply --prune now uses the apps/v1 API to prune workload resources (#72352, @liggitt)
  • Fixes a bug in HPA controller so HPAs are always updated every resyncPeriod (15 seconds). (#72373, @krzysztof-jastrzebski)
  • IPVS: "ExternalTrafficPolicy: Local" now works with LoadBalancer services using loadBalancerIP (#72432, @lbernail)
  • Fixes issue with cleaning up stale NFS subpath mounts (#71804, @msau42)
  • Modify the scheduling result struct and improve logging for successful binding. (#71926, @wgliang)
  • Run one etcd storage compaction per default interval of 5min. Do not run one for each resource and each CRD. This fixes the compaction log spam and reduces load on etcd. (#68557, @sttts)
  • kube-apiserver: --runtime-config can once again be used to enable/disable serving specific resources in the extensions/v1beta1 API group. Note that specific resource enablement/disablement is only allowed for the extensions/v1beta1 API group for legacy reasons. Attempts to enable/disable individual resources in other API groups will print a warning, and will return an error in future releases. (#72249, @liggitt)
  • kubeadm: fixed storing of etcd certificates in secrets required by kube-apiserver selfhosting pivoting (#72478, @bart0sh)
  • kubeadm: remove the deprecated "--address" flag for controller-manager and scheduler. (#71973, @MalloZup)
  • kube-apiserver: improves performance of requests made with service account token authentication (#71816, @liggitt)
  • Use prometheus conventions for workqueue metrics. (#71300, @danielqsj)
    • It is now deprecated to use the following metrics:
      • {WorkQueueName}_depth
      • {WorkQueueName}_adds
      • {WorkQueueName}_queue_latency
      • {WorkQueueName}_work_duration
      • {WorkQueueName}_unfinished_work_seconds
      • {WorkQueueName}_longest_running_processor_microseconds
      • {WorkQueueName}_retries
    • Please convert to the following metrics:
      • workqueue_depth
      • workqueue_adds_total
      • workqueue_queue_latency_seconds
      • workqueue_work_duration_seconds
      • workqueue_unfinished_work_seconds
      • workqueue_longest_running_processor_seconds
      • workqueue_retries_total
  • Fix inability to use k8s with dockerd having default IPC mode set to private. (#70826, @kolyshkin)
  • Fix a race condition in the scheduler preemption logic that could cause nominatedNodeName of a pod not to be considered in one or more scheduling cycles. (#72259, @bsalamat)
  • Fix registration for scheduling framework plugins with the default plugin set (#72396, @y-taka-23)
  • The GA VolumeScheduling feature gate can no longer be disabled and will be removed in a future release (#72382, @liggitt)
  • Fix race condition introduced by graceful termination which can lead to a deadlock in kube-proxy (#72361, @lbernail)
  • Fixes issue where subpath volume content was deleted during orphaned pod cleanup for Local volumes that are directories (and not mount points) on the root filesystem. (#72291, @msau42)
  • Fixes kubectl create secret docker-registry compatibility (#72344, @liggitt)
  • Add-on manifests now use the apps/v1 API for DaemonSets, Deployments, and ReplicaSets (#72203, @liggitt)
  • "kubectl wait" command now supports the "--all" flag to select all resources in the namespace of the specified resource types. (#70599, @caesarxuchao)
  • deployments/rollback is now passed through validation/admission controllers (#72271, @jhrv)
  • The Lease API type in the API group is promoted to v1 (#72239, @wojtek-t)
  • Move compatibility_test.go to pkg/scheduler/api (#72014, @huynq0911)
  • New Azure cloud provider option 'cloudProviderBackoffMode' has been added to reduce Azure API retries. Candidate values are: (#70866, @feiskyer) * default (or empty string): keep same with before. * v2: only backoff retry with Azure SDK with fixed exponent 2.
  • Set percentage of nodes scored in each cycle dynamically based on the cluster size. (#72140, @wgliang)
  • Fix AAD support for Azure sovereign cloud in kubectl (#72143, @karataliu)
  • Make kube-proxy service abstraction optional. (#71355, @bradhoekstra)
    • Add the '' label to a Service to disable the kube-proxy service proxy implementation.
  • kubectl: -A can now be used as a shortcut for --all-namespaces (#72006, @soltysh)
  • discovery.CachedDiscoveryInterface implementation returned by NewMemCacheClient has changed semantics of Invalidate method -- the cache refresh is now deferred to the first cache lookup. (#70994, @mborsz)
  • Fix device mountable volume names in DSW to prevent races in device mountable plugin, e.g. local. (#71509, @cofyc)
  • Enable customize in kubectl: kubectl will be able to recognize directories with kustomization.YAML (#70875, @Liujingfang1)
  • Stably sort controllerrevisions. This can prevent pods of statefulsets from continually rolling. (#66882, @ryanmcnamara)
  • Update to use go1.11.4. (#72084, @ixdy)
  • fixes an issue deleting pods containing subpath volume mounts with the VolumeSubpath feature disabled (#70490, @liggitt)
  • Clean up old eclass code (#71399, @resouer)
  • Fix a race condition in which kubeadm only waits for the kubelets kubeconfig file when it has performed the TLS bootstrap, but wasn't waiting for certificates to be present in the filesystem (#72030, @ereslibre)
  • In addition to restricting GCE metadata requests to known APIs, the metadata-proxy now restricts query strings to known parameters. (#71094, @dekkagaijin)
  • kubeadm: fix a possible panic when joining a new control plane node in HA scenarios (#72123, @anitgandhi)
  • fix race condition when attach azure disk in vmss (#71992, @andyzhangx)
  • Update to use go1.11.3 with fix for CVE-2018-16875 (#72035, @seemethere)
  • kubeadm: fix a bug when syncing etcd endpoints (#71945, @pytimer)
  • fix kubelet log flushing issue in azure disk (#71990, @andyzhangx)
  • Disable proxy to loopback and linklocal (#71980, @micahhausler)
  • Fix overlapping filenames in diff if multiple resources have the same name. (#71923, @apelisse)
  • fix issue: vm sku restriction policy does not work in azure disk attach/detach (#71941, @andyzhangx)
  • kubeadm: Create /var/lib/etcd with correct permissions (0700) by default. (#71885, @dims)
  • Scheduler only activates unschedulable pods if node's scheduling related properties change. (#71551, @mlmhl)
  • kube-proxy in IPVS mode will stop initiating connections to terminating pods for services with sessionAffinity set. (#71834, @lbernail)
  • kubeadm: improve hostport parsing error messages (#71258, @bart0sh)
  • Support graceful termination with IPVS when deleting a service (#71895, @lbernail)
  • Include CRD for BGPConfigurations, needed for calico 2.x to 3.x upgrade. (#71868, @satyasm)
  • apply: fix detection of non-dry-run enabled servers (#71854, @apelisse)
  • Clear UDP conntrack entry on endpoint changes when using nodeport (#71573, @JacobTanenbaum)
  • Add successful and failed history limits to cronjob describe (#71844, @soltysh)
  • kube-controller-manager: fixed issue display help for the deprecated insecure --port flag (#71601, @liggitt)
  • kubectl: fixes regression in --sort-by behavior (#71805, @liggitt)
  • Fixes pod deletion when cleaning old cronjobs (#71801, @soltysh)
  • kubeadm: use kubeconfig flag instead of kubeconfig-dir on init phase bootstrap-token (#71803, @yagonobre)
  • kube-scheduler: restores ability to run without authentication configuration lookup permissions (#71755, @liggitt)
  • Add aggregator_unavailable_apiservice_{count,gauge} metrics in the kube-aggregator. (#71380, @sttts)
  • Fixes apiserver nil pointer panics when requesting v2beta1 autoscaling object metrics (#71744, @yue9944882)
  • Only use the first IP address got from instance metadata. This is because Azure CNI would set up a list of IP addresses in instance metadata, while only the first one is the Node's IP. (#71736, @feiskyer)
  • client-go: restores behavior of populating the BearerToken field in rest.Config objects constructed from kubeconfig files containing tokenFile config, or from in-cluster configuration. An additional BearerTokenFile field is now populated to enable constructed clients to periodically refresh tokens. (#71713, @liggitt)
  • kubeadm: remove deprecated kubeadm config print-defaults command (#71467, @rosti)
  • hack/ now enables kubelet authentication/authorization by default (they can be disabled with KUBELET_AUTHENTICATION_WEBHOOK=false and KUBELET_AUTHORIZATION_WEBHOOK=false (#71690, @liggitt)
  • Fixes an issue where Azure VMSS instances not existing in Azure were not being deleted by the Cloud Controller Manager. (#71597, @marc-sensenich)
  • kubeadm reset correcty unmounts mount points inside /var/lib/kubelet (#71663, @bart0sh)
  • Upgrade default etcd server to 3.3.10 (#71615, @jpbetz)
  • When creating a service with annotation: containing multiple source ranges and "false", the NSG rules will be collapsed. (#71484, @ritazh)
  • disable node's proxy use of http probe (#68663, @WanLinghao)
  • Bumps version of kubernetes-cni to 0.6.0 (#71629, @mauilion)
  • On GCI, NPD starts to monitor kubelet, docker, containerd crashlooping, read-only filesystem and corrupt docker overlay2 issues. (#71522, @wangzhen127)
  • When a kubelet is using --bootstrap-kubeconfig and certificate rotation, it no longer waits for bootstrap to succeed before launching static pods. (#71174, @smarterclayton)
  • Add an plugin interfaces for "reserve" and "prebind" extension points of the scheduling framework. (#70227, @bsalamat)
  • Fix scheduling starvation of pods in cluster with large number of unschedulable pods. (#71488, @bsalamat)
  • Reduce CSI log and event spam. (#71581, @saad-ali)
  • Add conntrack as a dependency of kubelet and kubeadm when building rpms and debs. Both require conntrack to handle cleanup of connections. (#71540, @mauilion)
  • UDP connections now support graceful termination in IPVS mode (#71515, @lbernail)
  • Log etcd client errors. The verbosity is set with the usual -v flag. (#71318, @sttts)
  • The DefaultFeatureGate package variable now only exposes readonly feature gate methods. Methods for mutating feature gates have moved into a MutableFeatureGate interface and are accessible via the DefaultMutableFeatureGate package variable. Only top-level commands and options setup should access DefaultMutableFeatureGate. (#71302, @liggitt)
  • toleration is added for DaemonSet pods, and isn't added any more even if it's a critical pod. (#67036, @Huang-Wei)
  • Update to allow for asynchronous process control (#71047, @hoegaarden)
  • Fixes possible panic during volume detach, if corresponding volume plugin became non-attachable (#71471, @mshaverdo)
  • Fix cloud-controller-manager crash when using AWS provider and PersistentVolume initializing controller (#70432, @mvladev)
  • Fixes an issue where Portworx volumes cannot be mounted if 9001 port is already in use on the host and users remap 9001 to another port. (#70392, @harsh-px)
  • Fix SubPath printing of VolumeMounts. (#70127, @dtaniwaki)
  • Fixes incorrect paths (missing first letter) when copying files from pods to (#69885, @clickyotomy)
    • local in `kubectl cp'.
  • Fix AWS NLB security group updates where valid security group ports were incorrectly removed (#68422, @kellycampbell)
    • when updating a service or when node changes occur.