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addon-manager manages two classes of addons with given template files in $ADDON_PATH (default /etc/kubernetes/addons/).

  • Addons with label will be periodically reconciled. Direct manipulation to these addons through apiserver is discouraged because addon-manager will bring them back to the original state. In particular:
    • Addon will be re-created if it is deleted.
    • Addon will be reconfigured to the state given by the supplied fields in the template file periodically.
    • Addon will be deleted when its manifest file is deleted from the $ADDON_PATH.
  • Addons with label will be checked for existence only. Users can edit these addons as they want. In particular:
    • Addon will only be created/re-created with the given template file when there is no instance of the resource with that name.
    • Addon will not be deleted when the manifest file is deleted from the $ADDON_PATH.


  • Label is deprecated (only for Addon Manager). In future release (after one year), Addon Manager may not respect it anymore. Addons have this label but without will be treated as "reconcile class addons" for now.
  • Resources under $ADDON_PATH need to have either one of these two labels. Otherwise it will be omitted.

How to release

The addon-manager is built for multiple architectures.

  1. Change something in the source
  2. Bump VERSION in the Makefile
  3. Bump KUBECTL_VERSION in the Makefile if required
  4. Build the amd64 image and test it on a cluster
  5. Push all images
# Build for linux/amd64 (default)
$ make push ARCH=amd64
# --->
# ---> (image with backwards-compatible naming)

$ make push ARCH=arm
# --->

$ make push ARCH=arm64
# --->

$ make push ARCH=ppc64le
# --->

$ make push ARCH=s390x
# --->

If you don't want to push the images, run make or make build instead


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