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kube-dns schedules DNS Pods and Service on the cluster, other pods in cluster can use the DNS Service’s IP to resolve DNS names.

Manually scale kube-dns Deployment

kube-dns creates only one DNS Pod by default. If dns-horizontal-autoscaler is not enabled, you may need to manually scale kube-dns Deployment.

Please use below kubectl scale command to scale:

kubectl --namespace=kube-system scale deployment kube-dns --replicas=<NUM_YOU_WANT>

Do not use kubectl edit to modify kube-dns Deployment object if it is controlled by Addon Manager. Otherwise the modifications will be clobbered, in addition the replicas count for kube-dns Deployment will be reset to 1. See Cluster add-ons README and #36411 for reference.

kube-dns addon templates

This directory contains the base UNDERSCORE templates that can be used to generate the needed in Salt format.

Due to a varied preference in templating language choices, the transform Makefile in this directory should be enhanced to generate all required formats from the base underscore templates.

N.B.: When you add a parameter you should also update the various scripts that supply values for your new parameter. Here is one way you might find those scripts:

cd kubernetes && git grep 'kube-dns.yaml'

Base Template files

These are the authoritative base templates. Run 'make' to generate the Salt and Sed yaml templates from these.


Generated Salt files

Generated Sed files



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