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Copyright 2014 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
// Package options contains flags and options for initializing an apiserver
package options
import (
utilnet ""
genericoptions ""
cliflag ""
api ""
_ "" // add the kubernetes feature gates
kubeoptions ""
kubeletclient ""
// ServerRunOptions runs a kubernetes api server.
type ServerRunOptions struct {
GenericServerRunOptions *genericoptions.ServerRunOptions
Etcd *genericoptions.EtcdOptions
SecureServing *genericoptions.SecureServingOptionsWithLoopback
InsecureServing *genericoptions.DeprecatedInsecureServingOptionsWithLoopback
Audit *genericoptions.AuditOptions
Features *genericoptions.FeatureOptions
Admission *kubeoptions.AdmissionOptions
Authentication *kubeoptions.BuiltInAuthenticationOptions
Authorization *kubeoptions.BuiltInAuthorizationOptions
CloudProvider *kubeoptions.CloudProviderOptions
APIEnablement *genericoptions.APIEnablementOptions
AllowPrivileged bool
EnableLogsHandler bool
EventTTL time.Duration
KubeletConfig kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig
KubernetesServiceNodePort int
MaxConnectionBytesPerSec int64
ServiceClusterIPRange net.IPNet // TODO: make this a list
ServiceNodePortRange utilnet.PortRange
SSHKeyfile string
SSHUser string
ProxyClientCertFile string
ProxyClientKeyFile string
EnableAggregatorRouting bool
MasterCount int
EndpointReconcilerType string
ServiceAccountSigningKeyFile string
ServiceAccountIssuer serviceaccount.TokenGenerator
ServiceAccountTokenMaxExpiration time.Duration
// NewServerRunOptions creates a new ServerRunOptions object with default parameters
func NewServerRunOptions() *ServerRunOptions {
s := ServerRunOptions{
GenericServerRunOptions: genericoptions.NewServerRunOptions(),
Etcd: genericoptions.NewEtcdOptions(storagebackend.NewDefaultConfig(kubeoptions.DefaultEtcdPathPrefix, nil)),
SecureServing: kubeoptions.NewSecureServingOptions(),
InsecureServing: kubeoptions.NewInsecureServingOptions(),
Audit: genericoptions.NewAuditOptions(),
Features: genericoptions.NewFeatureOptions(),
Admission: kubeoptions.NewAdmissionOptions(),
Authentication: kubeoptions.NewBuiltInAuthenticationOptions().WithAll(),
Authorization: kubeoptions.NewBuiltInAuthorizationOptions(),
CloudProvider: kubeoptions.NewCloudProviderOptions(),
APIEnablement: genericoptions.NewAPIEnablementOptions(),
EnableLogsHandler: true,
EventTTL: 1 * time.Hour,
MasterCount: 1,
EndpointReconcilerType: string(reconcilers.LeaseEndpointReconcilerType),
KubeletConfig: kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig{
Port: ports.KubeletPort,
ReadOnlyPort: ports.KubeletReadOnlyPort,
PreferredAddressTypes: []string{
// --override-hostname
// internal, preferring DNS if reported
// external, preferring DNS if reported
EnableHttps: true,
HTTPTimeout: time.Duration(5) * time.Second,
ServiceNodePortRange: kubeoptions.DefaultServiceNodePortRange,
s.ServiceClusterIPRange = kubeoptions.DefaultServiceIPCIDR
// Overwrite the default for storage data format.
s.Etcd.DefaultStorageMediaType = "application/vnd.kubernetes.protobuf"
return &s
// Flags returns flags for a specific APIServer by section name
func (s *ServerRunOptions) Flags() (fss cliflag.NamedFlagSets) {
// Add the generic flags.
s.SecureServing.AddFlags(fss.FlagSet("secure serving"))
s.InsecureServing.AddFlags(fss.FlagSet("insecure serving"))
s.InsecureServing.AddUnqualifiedFlags(fss.FlagSet("insecure serving")) // TODO: remove it until kops stops using `--address`
s.CloudProvider.AddFlags(fss.FlagSet("cloud provider"))
s.APIEnablement.AddFlags(fss.FlagSet("api enablement"))
// Note: the weird ""+ in below lines seems to be the only way to get gofmt to
// arrange these text blocks sensibly. Grrr.
fs := fss.FlagSet("misc")
fs.DurationVar(&s.EventTTL, "event-ttl", s.EventTTL,
"Amount of time to retain events.")
fs.BoolVar(&s.AllowPrivileged, "allow-privileged", s.AllowPrivileged,
"If true, allow privileged containers. [default=false]")
fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableLogsHandler, "enable-logs-handler", s.EnableLogsHandler,
"If true, install a /logs handler for the apiserver logs.")
fs.MarkDeprecated("enable-logs-handler", "This flag will be removed in v1.19")
// Deprecated in release 1.9
fs.StringVar(&s.SSHUser, "ssh-user", s.SSHUser,
"If non-empty, use secure SSH proxy to the nodes, using this user name")
fs.MarkDeprecated("ssh-user", "This flag will be removed in a future version.")
// Deprecated in release 1.9
fs.StringVar(&s.SSHKeyfile, "ssh-keyfile", s.SSHKeyfile,
"If non-empty, use secure SSH proxy to the nodes, using this user keyfile")
fs.MarkDeprecated("ssh-keyfile", "This flag will be removed in a future version.")
fs.Int64Var(&s.MaxConnectionBytesPerSec, "max-connection-bytes-per-sec", s.MaxConnectionBytesPerSec, ""+
"If non-zero, throttle each user connection to this number of bytes/sec. "+
"Currently only applies to long-running requests.")
fs.IntVar(&s.MasterCount, "apiserver-count", s.MasterCount,
"The number of apiservers running in the cluster, must be a positive number. (In use when --endpoint-reconciler-type=master-count is enabled.)")
fs.StringVar(&s.EndpointReconcilerType, "endpoint-reconciler-type", string(s.EndpointReconcilerType),
"Use an endpoint reconciler ("+strings.Join(reconcilers.AllTypes.Names(), ", ")+")")
// See #14282 for details on how to test/try this option out.
// TODO: remove this comment once this option is tested in CI.
fs.IntVar(&s.KubernetesServiceNodePort, "kubernetes-service-node-port", s.KubernetesServiceNodePort, ""+
"If non-zero, the Kubernetes master service (which apiserver creates/maintains) will be "+
"of type NodePort, using this as the value of the port. If zero, the Kubernetes master "+
"service will be of type ClusterIP.")
fs.IPNetVar(&s.ServiceClusterIPRange, "service-cluster-ip-range", s.ServiceClusterIPRange, ""+
"A CIDR notation IP range from which to assign service cluster IPs. This must not "+
"overlap with any IP ranges assigned to nodes for pods.")
fs.Var(&s.ServiceNodePortRange, "service-node-port-range", ""+
"A port range to reserve for services with NodePort visibility. "+
"Example: '30000-32767'. Inclusive at both ends of the range.")
// Kubelet related flags:
fs.BoolVar(&s.KubeletConfig.EnableHttps, "kubelet-https", s.KubeletConfig.EnableHttps,
"Use https for kubelet connections.")
fs.StringSliceVar(&s.KubeletConfig.PreferredAddressTypes, "kubelet-preferred-address-types", s.KubeletConfig.PreferredAddressTypes,
"List of the preferred NodeAddressTypes to use for kubelet connections.")
fs.UintVar(&s.KubeletConfig.Port, "kubelet-port", s.KubeletConfig.Port,
"DEPRECATED: kubelet port.")
fs.MarkDeprecated("kubelet-port", "kubelet-port is deprecated and will be removed.")
fs.UintVar(&s.KubeletConfig.ReadOnlyPort, "kubelet-read-only-port", s.KubeletConfig.ReadOnlyPort,
"DEPRECATED: kubelet read only port.")
fs.MarkDeprecated("kubelet-read-only-port", "kubelet-read-only-port is deprecated and will be removed.")
fs.DurationVar(&s.KubeletConfig.HTTPTimeout, "kubelet-timeout", s.KubeletConfig.HTTPTimeout,
"Timeout for kubelet operations.")
fs.StringVar(&s.KubeletConfig.CertFile, "kubelet-client-certificate", s.KubeletConfig.CertFile,
"Path to a client cert file for TLS.")
fs.StringVar(&s.KubeletConfig.KeyFile, "kubelet-client-key", s.KubeletConfig.KeyFile,
"Path to a client key file for TLS.")
fs.StringVar(&s.KubeletConfig.CAFile, "kubelet-certificate-authority", s.KubeletConfig.CAFile,
"Path to a cert file for the certificate authority.")
fs.StringVar(&s.ProxyClientCertFile, "proxy-client-cert-file", s.ProxyClientCertFile, ""+
"Client certificate used to prove the identity of the aggregator or kube-apiserver "+
"when it must call out during a request. This includes proxying requests to a user "+
"api-server and calling out to webhook admission plugins. It is expected that this "+
"cert includes a signature from the CA in the --requestheader-client-ca-file flag. "+
"That CA is published in the 'extension-apiserver-authentication' configmap in "+
"the kube-system namespace. Components receiving calls from kube-aggregator should "+
"use that CA to perform their half of the mutual TLS verification.")
fs.StringVar(&s.ProxyClientKeyFile, "proxy-client-key-file", s.ProxyClientKeyFile, ""+
"Private key for the client certificate used to prove the identity of the aggregator or kube-apiserver "+
"when it must call out during a request. This includes proxying requests to a user "+
"api-server and calling out to webhook admission plugins.")
fs.BoolVar(&s.EnableAggregatorRouting, "enable-aggregator-routing", s.EnableAggregatorRouting,
"Turns on aggregator routing requests to endpoints IP rather than cluster IP.")
fs.StringVar(&s.ServiceAccountSigningKeyFile, "service-account-signing-key-file", s.ServiceAccountSigningKeyFile, ""+
"Path to the file that contains the current private key of the service account token issuer. The issuer will sign issued ID tokens with this private key. (Requires the 'TokenRequest' feature gate.)")
return fss
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