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Kubernetes Branding Guidelines

These guidelines provide you with guidance for using the Kubernetes logo. You can use the logo on your website or in print without pre-approval, provided you follow these basic guidelines.

You may display, modify, or use the Kubernetes logo only in connection with compliant implementations of Kubernetes and related uses in the following ways. A compliant implementation is an implementation of the unmodified Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) version of Kubernetes found at and compatible branches thereof, together with published specifications, APIs and operational patterns.  Acceptable related uses include display, modification, or use of the Kubernetes logo in connection with your compliant implementation, your integration with a compliant implementation, your support for a compliant implementation, your Kubernetes-compatible product, or in collateral, presentations, and marketing materials relating to compliant implementations of Kubernetes.

All other uses of this logo are covered by the Linux Foundation trademark guidelines found here.

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