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Copyright 2017 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package devicemanager
import (
pluginapi ""
watcherapi ""
// Stub implementation for DevicePlugin.
type Stub struct {
devs []*pluginapi.Device
socket string
resourceName string
preStartContainerFlag bool
stop chan interface{}
wg sync.WaitGroup
update chan []*pluginapi.Device
server *grpc.Server
// allocFunc is used for handling allocation request
allocFunc stubAllocFunc
registrationStatus chan watcherapi.RegistrationStatus // for testing
endpoint string // for testing
// stubAllocFunc is the function called when receive an allocation request from Kubelet
type stubAllocFunc func(r *pluginapi.AllocateRequest, devs map[string]pluginapi.Device) (*pluginapi.AllocateResponse, error)
func defaultAllocFunc(r *pluginapi.AllocateRequest, devs map[string]pluginapi.Device) (*pluginapi.AllocateResponse, error) {
var response pluginapi.AllocateResponse
return &response, nil
// NewDevicePluginStub returns an initialized DevicePlugin Stub.
func NewDevicePluginStub(devs []*pluginapi.Device, socket string, name string, preStartContainerFlag bool) *Stub {
return &Stub{
devs: devs,
socket: socket,
resourceName: name,
preStartContainerFlag: preStartContainerFlag,
stop: make(chan interface{}),
update: make(chan []*pluginapi.Device),
allocFunc: defaultAllocFunc,
// SetAllocFunc sets allocFunc of the device plugin
func (m *Stub) SetAllocFunc(f stubAllocFunc) {
m.allocFunc = f
// Start starts the gRPC server of the device plugin. Can only
// be called once.
func (m *Stub) Start() error {
err := m.cleanup()
if err != nil {
return err
sock, err := net.Listen("unix", m.socket)
if err != nil {
return err
m.server = grpc.NewServer([]grpc.ServerOption{}...)
pluginapi.RegisterDevicePluginServer(m.server, m)
watcherapi.RegisterRegistrationServer(m.server, m)
go func() {
defer m.wg.Done()
_, conn, err := dial(m.socket)
if err != nil {
return err
log.Println("Starting to serve on", m.socket)
return nil
// Stop stops the gRPC server. Can be called without a prior Start
// and more than once. Not safe to be called concurrently by different
// goroutines!
func (m *Stub) Stop() error {
if m.server == nil {
return nil
m.server = nil
close(m.stop) // This prevents re-starting the server.
return m.cleanup()
// GetInfo is the RPC which return pluginInfo
func (m *Stub) GetInfo(ctx context.Context, req *watcherapi.InfoRequest) (*watcherapi.PluginInfo, error) {
return &watcherapi.PluginInfo{
Type: watcherapi.DevicePlugin,
Name: m.resourceName,
Endpoint: m.endpoint,
SupportedVersions: []string{pluginapi.Version}}, nil
// NotifyRegistrationStatus receives the registration notification from watcher
func (m *Stub) NotifyRegistrationStatus(ctx context.Context, status *watcherapi.RegistrationStatus) (*watcherapi.RegistrationStatusResponse, error) {
if m.registrationStatus != nil {
m.registrationStatus <- *status
if !status.PluginRegistered {
log.Println("Registration failed: ", status.Error)
return &watcherapi.RegistrationStatusResponse{}, nil
// Register registers the device plugin for the given resourceName with Kubelet.
func (m *Stub) Register(kubeletEndpoint, resourceName string, pluginSockDir string) error {
if pluginSockDir != "" {
if _, err := os.Stat(pluginSockDir + "DEPRECATION"); err == nil {
log.Println("Deprecation file found. Skip registration.")
return nil
log.Println("Deprecation file not found. Invoke registration")
ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 10*time.Second)
defer cancel()
conn, err := grpc.DialContext(ctx, kubeletEndpoint, grpc.WithInsecure(), grpc.WithBlock(),
grpc.WithDialer(func(addr string, timeout time.Duration) (net.Conn, error) {
return net.DialTimeout("unix", addr, timeout)
if err != nil {
return err
defer conn.Close()
client := pluginapi.NewRegistrationClient(conn)
reqt := &pluginapi.RegisterRequest{
Version: pluginapi.Version,
Endpoint: path.Base(m.socket),
ResourceName: resourceName,
Options: &pluginapi.DevicePluginOptions{PreStartRequired: m.preStartContainerFlag},
_, err = client.Register(context.Background(), reqt)
if err != nil {
return err
return nil
// GetDevicePluginOptions returns DevicePluginOptions settings for the device plugin.
func (m *Stub) GetDevicePluginOptions(ctx context.Context, e *pluginapi.Empty) (*pluginapi.DevicePluginOptions, error) {
return &pluginapi.DevicePluginOptions{PreStartRequired: m.preStartContainerFlag}, nil
// PreStartContainer resets the devices received
func (m *Stub) PreStartContainer(ctx context.Context, r *pluginapi.PreStartContainerRequest) (*pluginapi.PreStartContainerResponse, error) {
log.Printf("PreStartContainer, %+v", r)
return &pluginapi.PreStartContainerResponse{}, nil
// ListAndWatch lists devices and update that list according to the Update call
func (m *Stub) ListAndWatch(e *pluginapi.Empty, s pluginapi.DevicePlugin_ListAndWatchServer) error {
s.Send(&pluginapi.ListAndWatchResponse{Devices: m.devs})
for {
select {
case <-m.stop:
return nil
case updated := <-m.update:
s.Send(&pluginapi.ListAndWatchResponse{Devices: updated})
// Update allows the device plugin to send new devices through ListAndWatch
func (m *Stub) Update(devs []*pluginapi.Device) {
m.update <- devs
// Allocate does a mock allocation
func (m *Stub) Allocate(ctx context.Context, r *pluginapi.AllocateRequest) (*pluginapi.AllocateResponse, error) {
log.Printf("Allocate, %+v", r)
devs := make(map[string]pluginapi.Device)
for _, dev := range m.devs {
devs[dev.ID] = *dev
return m.allocFunc(r, devs)
func (m *Stub) cleanup() error {
if err := os.Remove(m.socket); err != nil && !os.IsNotExist(err) {
return err
return nil
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