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Find file Copy path
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Copyright 2015 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package container
import (
utilerrors ""
// TODO(random-liu): We need to better organize runtime errors for introspection.
// Container Terminated and Kubelet is backing off the restart
var ErrCrashLoopBackOff = errors.New("CrashLoopBackOff")
var (
// ErrContainerNotFound returned when a container in the given pod with the
// given container name was not found, amongst those managed by the kubelet.
ErrContainerNotFound = errors.New("no matching container")
var (
ErrRunContainer = errors.New("RunContainerError")
ErrKillContainer = errors.New("KillContainerError")
ErrVerifyNonRoot = errors.New("VerifyNonRootError")
ErrRunInitContainer = errors.New("RunInitContainerError")
ErrCreatePodSandbox = errors.New("CreatePodSandboxError")
ErrConfigPodSandbox = errors.New("ConfigPodSandboxError")
ErrKillPodSandbox = errors.New("KillPodSandboxError")
var (
ErrSetupNetwork = errors.New("SetupNetworkError")
ErrTeardownNetwork = errors.New("TeardownNetworkError")
// SyncAction indicates different kind of actions in SyncPod() and KillPod(). Now there are only actions
// about start/kill container and setup/teardown network.
type SyncAction string
const (
StartContainer SyncAction = "StartContainer"
KillContainer SyncAction = "KillContainer"
SetupNetwork SyncAction = "SetupNetwork"
TeardownNetwork SyncAction = "TeardownNetwork"
InitContainer SyncAction = "InitContainer"
CreatePodSandbox SyncAction = "CreatePodSandbox"
ConfigPodSandbox SyncAction = "ConfigPodSandbox"
KillPodSandbox SyncAction = "KillPodSandbox"
// SyncResult is the result of sync action.
type SyncResult struct {
// The associated action of the result
Action SyncAction
// The target of the action, now the target can only be:
// * Container: Target should be container name
// * Network: Target is useless now, we just set it as pod full name now
Target interface{}
// Brief error reason
Error error
// Human readable error reason
Message string
// NewSyncResult generates new SyncResult with specific Action and Target
func NewSyncResult(action SyncAction, target interface{}) *SyncResult {
return &SyncResult{Action: action, Target: target}
// Fail fails the SyncResult with specific error and message
func (r *SyncResult) Fail(err error, msg string) {
r.Error, r.Message = err, msg
// PodSyncResult is the summary result of SyncPod() and KillPod()
type PodSyncResult struct {
// Result of different sync actions
SyncResults []*SyncResult
// Error encountered in SyncPod() and KillPod() that is not already included in SyncResults
SyncError error
// AddSyncResult adds multiple SyncResult to current PodSyncResult
func (p *PodSyncResult) AddSyncResult(result ...*SyncResult) {
p.SyncResults = append(p.SyncResults, result...)
// AddPodSyncResult merges a PodSyncResult to current one
func (p *PodSyncResult) AddPodSyncResult(result PodSyncResult) {
p.SyncError = result.SyncError
// Fail fails the PodSyncResult with an error occurred in SyncPod() and KillPod() itself
func (p *PodSyncResult) Fail(err error) {
p.SyncError = err
// Error returns an error summarizing all the errors in PodSyncResult
func (p *PodSyncResult) Error() error {
errlist := []error{}
if p.SyncError != nil {
errlist = append(errlist, fmt.Errorf("failed to SyncPod: %v", p.SyncError))
for _, result := range p.SyncResults {
if result.Error != nil {
errlist = append(errlist, fmt.Errorf("failed to %q for %q with %v: %q", result.Action, result.Target,
result.Error, result.Message))
return utilerrors.NewAggregate(errlist)
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