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Copyright 2014 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package types
import (
v1 ""
metav1 ""
const (
ConfigSourceAnnotationKey = ""
ConfigMirrorAnnotationKey = v1.MirrorPodAnnotationKey
ConfigFirstSeenAnnotationKey = ""
ConfigHashAnnotationKey = ""
// PodOperation defines what changes will be made on a pod configuration.
type PodOperation int
const (
// This is the current pod configuration
SET PodOperation = iota
// Pods with the given ids are new to this source
// Pods with the given ids are gracefully deleted from this source
// Pods with the given ids have been removed from this source
// Pods with the given ids have been updated in this source
// Pods with the given ids have unexpected status in this source,
// kubelet should reconcile status with this source
// Pods with the given ids have been restored from a checkpoint.
// These constants identify the sources of pods
// Updates from a file
FileSource = "file"
// Updates from querying a web page
HTTPSource = "http"
// Updates from Kubernetes API Server
ApiserverSource = "api"
// Updates from all sources
AllSource = "*"
NamespaceDefault = metav1.NamespaceDefault
// PodUpdate defines an operation sent on the channel. You can add or remove single services by
// sending an array of size one and Op == ADD|REMOVE (with REMOVE, only the ID is required).
// For setting the state of the system to a given state for this source configuration, set
// Pods as desired and Op to SET, which will reset the system state to that specified in this
// operation for this source channel. To remove all pods, set Pods to empty object and Op to SET.
// Additionally, Pods should never be nil - it should always point to an empty slice. While
// functionally similar, this helps our unit tests properly check that the correct PodUpdates
// are generated.
type PodUpdate struct {
Pods []*v1.Pod
Op PodOperation
Source string
// Gets all validated sources from the specified sources.
func GetValidatedSources(sources []string) ([]string, error) {
validated := make([]string, 0, len(sources))
for _, source := range sources {
switch source {
case AllSource:
return []string{FileSource, HTTPSource, ApiserverSource}, nil
case FileSource, HTTPSource, ApiserverSource:
validated = append(validated, source)
case "":
// Skip
return []string{}, fmt.Errorf("unknown pod source %q", source)
return validated, nil
// GetPodSource returns the source of the pod based on the annotation.
func GetPodSource(pod *v1.Pod) (string, error) {
if pod.Annotations != nil {
if source, ok := pod.Annotations[ConfigSourceAnnotationKey]; ok {
return source, nil
return "", fmt.Errorf("cannot get source of pod %q", pod.UID)
// SyncPodType classifies pod updates, eg: create, update.
type SyncPodType int
const (
// SyncPodSync is when the pod is synced to ensure desired state
SyncPodSync SyncPodType = iota
// SyncPodUpdate is when the pod is updated from source
// SyncPodCreate is when the pod is created from source
// SyncPodKill is when the pod is killed based on a trigger internal to the kubelet for eviction.
// If a SyncPodKill request is made to pod workers, the request is never dropped, and will always be processed.
func (sp SyncPodType) String() string {
switch sp {
case SyncPodCreate:
return "create"
case SyncPodUpdate:
return "update"
case SyncPodSync:
return "sync"
case SyncPodKill:
return "kill"
return "unknown"
// IsMirrorPod returns true if the passed Pod is a Mirror Pod.
func IsMirrorPod(pod *v1.Pod) bool {
_, ok := pod.Annotations[ConfigMirrorAnnotationKey]
return ok
// IsStaticPod returns true if the pod is a static pod.
func IsStaticPod(pod *v1.Pod) bool {
source, err := GetPodSource(pod)
return err == nil && source != ApiserverSource
// IsCriticalPod returns true if pod's priority is greater than or equal to SystemCriticalPriority.
func IsCriticalPod(pod *v1.Pod) bool {
if IsStaticPod(pod) {
return true
if IsMirrorPod(pod) {
return true
if pod.Spec.Priority != nil && IsCriticalPodBasedOnPriority(*pod.Spec.Priority) {
return true
return false
// Preemptable returns true if preemptor pod can preempt preemptee pod
// if preemptee is not critical or if preemptor's priority is greater than preemptee's priority
func Preemptable(preemptor, preemptee *v1.Pod) bool {
if IsCriticalPod(preemptor) && !IsCriticalPod(preemptee) {
return true
if (preemptor != nil && preemptor.Spec.Priority != nil) &&
(preemptee != nil && preemptee.Spec.Priority != nil) {
return *(preemptor.Spec.Priority) > *(preemptee.Spec.Priority)
return false
// IsCriticalPodBasedOnPriority checks if the given pod is a critical pod based on priority resolved from pod Spec.
func IsCriticalPodBasedOnPriority(priority int32) bool {
return priority >= scheduling.SystemCriticalPriority
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