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Copyright 2018 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package config
import (
apimachineryconfig ""
metav1 ""
apiserverconfig ""
const (
// SchedulerDefaultLockObjectNamespace defines default scheduler lock object namespace ("kube-system")
SchedulerDefaultLockObjectNamespace string = metav1.NamespaceSystem
// SchedulerDefaultLockObjectName defines default scheduler lock object name ("kube-scheduler")
SchedulerDefaultLockObjectName = "kube-scheduler"
// SchedulerPolicyConfigMapKey defines the key of the element in the
// scheduler's policy ConfigMap that contains scheduler's policy config.
SchedulerPolicyConfigMapKey = "policy.cfg"
// SchedulerDefaultProviderName defines the default provider names
SchedulerDefaultProviderName = "DefaultProvider"
// KubeSchedulerConfiguration configures a scheduler
type KubeSchedulerConfiguration struct {
// SchedulerName is name of the scheduler, used to select which pods
// will be processed by this scheduler, based on pod's "spec.SchedulerName".
SchedulerName string
// AlgorithmSource specifies the scheduler algorithm source.
AlgorithmSource SchedulerAlgorithmSource
// RequiredDuringScheduling affinity is not symmetric, but there is an implicit PreferredDuringScheduling affinity rule
// corresponding to every RequiredDuringScheduling affinity rule.
// HardPodAffinitySymmetricWeight represents the weight of implicit PreferredDuringScheduling affinity rule, in the range 0-100.
HardPodAffinitySymmetricWeight int32
// LeaderElection defines the configuration of leader election client.
LeaderElection KubeSchedulerLeaderElectionConfiguration
// ClientConnection specifies the kubeconfig file and client connection
// settings for the proxy server to use when communicating with the apiserver.
ClientConnection apimachineryconfig.ClientConnectionConfiguration
// HealthzBindAddress is the IP address and port for the health check server to serve on,
// defaulting to
HealthzBindAddress string
// MetricsBindAddress is the IP address and port for the metrics server to
// serve on, defaulting to
MetricsBindAddress string
// DebuggingConfiguration holds configuration for Debugging related features
// TODO: We might wanna make this a substruct like Debugging apiserverconfig.DebuggingConfiguration
// DisablePreemption disables the pod preemption feature.
DisablePreemption bool
// PercentageOfNodeToScore is the percentage of all nodes that once found feasible
// for running a pod, the scheduler stops its search for more feasible nodes in
// the cluster. This helps improve scheduler's performance. Scheduler always tries to find
// at least "minFeasibleNodesToFind" feasible nodes no matter what the value of this flag is.
// Example: if the cluster size is 500 nodes and the value of this flag is 30,
// then scheduler stops finding further feasible nodes once it finds 150 feasible ones.
// When the value is 0, default percentage (50%) of the nodes will be scored.
PercentageOfNodesToScore int32
// Indicate the "all topologies" set for empty topologyKey when it's used for PreferredDuringScheduling pod anti-affinity.
FailureDomains string
// Duration to wait for a binding operation to complete before timing out
// Value must be non-negative integer. The value zero indicates no waiting.
// If this value is nil, the default value will be used.
BindTimeoutSeconds *int64
// SchedulerAlgorithmSource is the source of a scheduler algorithm. One source
// field must be specified, and source fields are mutually exclusive.
type SchedulerAlgorithmSource struct {
// Policy is a policy based algorithm source.
Policy *SchedulerPolicySource
// Provider is the name of a scheduling algorithm provider to use.
Provider *string
// SchedulerPolicySource configures a means to obtain a scheduler Policy. One
// source field must be specified, and source fields are mutually exclusive.
type SchedulerPolicySource struct {
// File is a file policy source.
File *SchedulerPolicyFileSource
// ConfigMap is a config map policy source.
ConfigMap *SchedulerPolicyConfigMapSource
// SchedulerPolicyFileSource is a policy serialized to disk and accessed via
// path.
type SchedulerPolicyFileSource struct {
// Path is the location of a serialized policy.
Path string
// SchedulerPolicyConfigMapSource is a policy serialized into a config map value
// under the SchedulerPolicyConfigMapKey key.
type SchedulerPolicyConfigMapSource struct {
// Namespace is the namespace of the policy config map.
Namespace string
// Name is the name of hte policy config map.
Name string
// KubeSchedulerLeaderElectionConfiguration expands LeaderElectionConfiguration
// to include scheduler specific configuration.
type KubeSchedulerLeaderElectionConfiguration struct {
// LockObjectNamespace defines the namespace of the lock object
LockObjectNamespace string
// LockObjectName defines the lock object name
LockObjectName string