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Copyright 2017 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package upgrades
import (
v1 ""
e2eservice ""
// ServiceUpgradeTest tests that a service is available before and
// after a cluster upgrade. During a master-only upgrade, it will test
// that a service remains available during the upgrade.
type ServiceUpgradeTest struct {
jig *e2eservice.TestJig
tcpService *v1.Service
tcpIngressIP string
svcPort int
// Name returns the tracking name of the test.
func (ServiceUpgradeTest) Name() string { return "service-upgrade" }
func shouldTestPDBs() bool { return framework.ProviderIs("gce", "gke") }
// Setup creates a service with a load balancer and makes sure it's reachable.
func (t *ServiceUpgradeTest) Setup(f *framework.Framework) {
serviceName := "service-test"
jig := e2eservice.NewTestJig(f.ClientSet, f.Namespace.Name, serviceName)
ns := f.Namespace
cs := f.ClientSet
ginkgo.By("creating a TCP service " + serviceName + " with type=LoadBalancer in namespace " + ns.Name)
_, err := jig.CreateTCPService(func(s *v1.Service) {
s.Spec.Type = v1.ServiceTypeLoadBalancer
tcpService, err := jig.WaitForLoadBalancer(e2eservice.GetServiceLoadBalancerCreationTimeout(cs))
// Get info to hit it with
tcpIngressIP := e2eservice.GetIngressPoint(&tcpService.Status.LoadBalancer.Ingress[0])
svcPort := int(tcpService.Spec.Ports[0].Port)
ginkgo.By("creating pod to be part of service " + serviceName)
rc, err := jig.Run(jig.AddRCAntiAffinity)
if shouldTestPDBs() {
ginkgo.By("creating a PodDisruptionBudget to cover the ReplicationController")
_, err = jig.CreatePDB(rc)
// Hit it once before considering ourselves ready
ginkgo.By("hitting the pod through the service's LoadBalancer")
timeout := e2eservice.LoadBalancerLagTimeoutDefault
if framework.ProviderIs("aws") {
timeout = e2eservice.LoadBalancerLagTimeoutAWS
e2eservice.TestReachableHTTP(tcpIngressIP, svcPort, timeout)
t.jig = jig
t.tcpService = tcpService
t.tcpIngressIP = tcpIngressIP
t.svcPort = svcPort
// Test runs a connectivity check to the service.
func (t *ServiceUpgradeTest) Test(f *framework.Framework, done <-chan struct{}, upgrade UpgradeType) {
switch upgrade {
case MasterUpgrade, ClusterUpgrade:
t.test(f, done, true, true)
case NodeUpgrade:
// Node upgrades should test during disruption only on GCE/GKE for now.
t.test(f, done, shouldTestPDBs(), false)
t.test(f, done, false, false)
// Teardown cleans up any remaining resources.
func (t *ServiceUpgradeTest) Teardown(f *framework.Framework) {
// rely on the namespace deletion to clean up everything
func (t *ServiceUpgradeTest) test(f *framework.Framework, done <-chan struct{}, testDuringDisruption, testFinalizer bool) {
if testDuringDisruption {
// Continuous validation
ginkgo.By("continuously hitting the pod through the service's LoadBalancer")
wait.Until(func() {
e2eservice.TestReachableHTTP(t.tcpIngressIP, t.svcPort, e2eservice.LoadBalancerLagTimeoutDefault)
}, framework.Poll, done)
} else {
// Block until upgrade is done
ginkgo.By("waiting for upgrade to finish without checking if service remains up")
// Hit it once more
ginkgo.By("hitting the pod through the service's LoadBalancer")
e2eservice.TestReachableHTTP(t.tcpIngressIP, t.svcPort, e2eservice.LoadBalancerLagTimeoutDefault)
if testFinalizer {
defer func() {
ginkgo.By("Check that service can be deleted with finalizer")
e2eservice.WaitForServiceDeletedWithFinalizer(t.jig.Client, t.tcpService.Namespace, t.tcpService.Name)
ginkgo.By("Check that finalizer is present on loadBalancer type service")
e2eservice.WaitForServiceUpdatedWithFinalizer(t.jig.Client, t.tcpService.Namespace, t.tcpService.Name, true)
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