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Merge pull request #66671 from hanxiaoshuai/cleanup07261

Automatic merge from submit-queue (batch tested with PRs 63955, 66685, 66671). If you want to cherry-pick this change to another branch, please follow the instructions <a href="">here</a>.

remove unused code in pkg/scheduler/algorithm/scheduler_interface_test.go

**What this PR does / why we need it**:
remove unused code in pkg/scheduler/algorithm/scheduler_interface_test.go
**Which issue(s) this PR fixes** *(optional, in `fixes #<issue number>(, fixes #<issue_number>, ...)` format, will close the issue(s) when PR gets merged)*:
Fixes #

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**Release note**:

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Kubernetes Submit Queue
Kubernetes Submit Queue committed Jul 27, 2018
2 parents a8c81a9 + f3fb9e0 commit 0e9b1dd20f8c202d5118b8712c4a9dcfe67dbf4a
Showing with 1 addition and 64 deletions.
  1. +1 −4 pkg/scheduler/algorithm/BUILD
  2. +0 −60 pkg/scheduler/algorithm/scheduler_interface_test.go
@@ -28,10 +28,7 @@ go_library(

name = "go_default_test",
srcs = [
srcs = ["types_test.go"],
embed = [":go_default_library"],
deps = [

This file was deleted.

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