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Merge pull request #85002 from oomichi/cleanup-util

Remove unused function from e2e framework util.go
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k8s-ci-robot committed Nov 8, 2019
2 parents 48ee150 + 5381f74 commit 6569bc736fac76ee45a9e69baba0333f2b3f9920
Showing with 0 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +0 −14 test/e2e/framework/util.go
@@ -2363,20 +2363,6 @@ func GetClusterZones(c clientset.Interface) (sets.String, error) {
return zones, nil

// WaitForNodeHasTaintOrNot waits for a taint to be added/removed from the node until timeout occurs, whichever comes first.
func WaitForNodeHasTaintOrNot(c clientset.Interface, nodeName string, taint *v1.Taint, wantTrue bool, timeout time.Duration) error {
if err := wait.PollImmediate(Poll, timeout, func() (bool, error) {
has, err := NodeHasTaint(c, nodeName, taint)
if err != nil {
return false, fmt.Errorf("Failed to check taint %s on node %s or not", taint.ToString(), nodeName)
return has == wantTrue, nil
}); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("expect node %v to have taint = %v within %v: %v", nodeName, wantTrue, timeout, err)
return nil

// GetFileModeRegex returns a file mode related regex which should be matched by the mounttest pods' output.
// If the given mask is nil, then the regex will contain the default OS file modes, which are 0644 for Linux and 0775 for Windows.
func GetFileModeRegex(filePath string, mask *int32) string {

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