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Add instructions about how to use kubetest to bring up e2e test cluster

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@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ export KUBERNETES_NODE_PLATFORM=windows

Now bring up a cluster using kube-up script:
Now bring up a cluster using one of the following two methods:

#### 2. Create a regular Kubernetes cluster
#### 2a. Create a regular Kubernetes cluster

# Invoke with these environment variables:
@@ -95,6 +95,44 @@ To teardown the cluster run:

#### 2b. Create a Kubernetes end-to-end (E2E) test cluster

Install or update `kubetest` as follows:
go get -u
* If you see the error below, it's due to `` dependencies are incompatible between different versions of go modules:

build cannot load ambiguous import: found in multiple modules: v11.1.2+incompatible (/usr/local/google/home/yluu/go/pkg/mod/!azure/go-autorest@v11.1.2+incompatible/autorest) v0.9.0 (/usr/local/google/home/yluu/go/pkg/mod/!azure/go-autorest/autorest@v0.9.0)

Add ` v12.2.0+incompatible` into require block of `go.mod` and try again.

If you have built your own release binaries following step 1, run the following

Otherwise, you can specify what branch from which to get the release artifacts:
# Get the latest build from the stable1 branch
PROJECT=${CLOUDSDK_CORE_PROJECT} $GOPATH/bin/kubetest --up --extract=ci/k8s-stable1
# Or Get the latest build from master
PROJECT=${CLOUDSDK_CORE_PROJECT} $GOPATH/bin/kubetest --up --extract=ci-cross/latest

This command, by default, tears down any existing E2E cluster and creates a new
one. To teardown the cluster run the same command with `--down` instead of

No matter what type of cluster you chose to create, the result should be a
Kubernetes cluster with one Linux master node, `NUM_NODES` Linux worker nodes
and `NUM_WINDOWS_NODES` Windows worker nodes.

## Validating the cluster

Invoke this script to run a smoke test that verifies that the cluster has been

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