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CriaHu committed Nov 22, 2019
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@@ -794,13 +794,13 @@ Kubeadm: Automate certificate copy between control planes in HA setups
- Joining control plane nodes to a HA cluster can now be simplified by enabling the optional automatic copy of certificates from an existing control plane node.
- You can now use `kubeadm init --experimental-upload-certs` and `kubeadm join --experimental-control-plane --certificate-key`.
kubernetes/kubeadm: [#1373](
kubernetes/enhancements: [#357]( [[kep](]
kubernetes/enhancements: [#357]( [[kep](]

Kubeadm: Expose the `kubeadm join` workflow as phases

- The `kubeadm join` command can now be used in phases. Similar to the work that was done for `kubeadm init` in 1.13, in 1.14 the `join` phases can be now executed step-by-step/selectively using the `kubeadm join phase` sub-command. This makes it possible to further customize the workflow of joining nodes to the cluster.
kubernetes/kubeadm: [#1204](
kubernetes/enhancements: [kep](
kubernetes/enhancements: [kep](

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