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Commits on Jan 25, 2019
  1. Refactor to use new csi.DriversList & csi.Driver

    hoegaarden committed Jan 25, 2019
  2. Implement DriversStore as a struct

    hoegaarden committed Jan 25, 2019
    This allows us to hide
    - the mutex handling
    - the initialization
    as implementation details.
    Signed-off-by: Maria Ntalla <>
Commits on Nov 15, 2018
  1. Bump to 8e7ff06

    hoegaarden committed Nov 14, 2018
    The reason for the bump is the new functionality of the package which allows
    - to get a hold of the process' std{out,err} as `io.Reader`s
    - to `Start` a process and `Wait` for it
    This should help on addressing #70890 by allowing to wrap std{out,err}
    of the process to be wrapped with a `io.limitedReader`.
    It also updates
    to implement the changed interface.
    The dependency on '' to the new version has also
    been bumped in some staging repos:
    - apiserver
    - kube-controller-manager
    - kube-scheduler
Commits on Oct 15, 2018
  1. Add tests for `csiDriverClient`

    3 people committed Oct 15, 2018
    As #69219 outlines the unit tests in `csi_client_test.go` where not
    testing the actual implementation of the `csiDriverClient` but was
    testing the fake.
    To fix this, we changed the `csiDriverClient` to use a
    `nodeClientCreator` which is responsible for creating a new
    `NodeClient`, a real one in prod and a fake one in the tests.
    The setup of the gRPC connection has been pushed into that creator. The
    node client uses that connection; that's transparent to the driver
    client. It's the responsibility of the driver client to close the
    connection when it is done with the node client. To achieve this, we
    have the node client creator return a closer which handles the
    connection teardown.
    In the tests we now also check if the driver client actually calls
    this closer, thus closing the gRPC connection.
    Closes: #69219
    Co-authored-by: Rosie Bloxsom <>
    Co-authored-by: Maria Ntalla <>
Commits on Jun 24, 2018
  1. Update bazel

    hoegaarden committed Jun 24, 2018
    ... after rebase
  2. Remove unused exported errors

    hoegaarden committed Jun 24, 2018
  3. Do not do noramlization of the fingerprint format

    hoegaarden committed Jun 24, 2018
Commits on Jun 18, 2018
  1. Check if the server actually configured with a certificate

    hoegaarden authored and youreddy committed Jun 18, 2018
  2. Update copyright header

    hoegaarden authored and youreddy committed Jun 18, 2018
Commits on Jun 8, 2018
  1. Create new certs & cleanup cert generation

    hoegaarden committed Jun 8, 2018
    The test certificates are now valid for 200 years.
    The generation script has been cleaned up a bit.
Commits on Mar 20, 2018
  1. Make `test-cmd` work with OS-X tooling

    hoegaarden committed Mar 19, 2018
    OS-X thips with the BSD versions of `date` and `grep`. Those don't have
    certain features the script relies on:
    - BSD date does not support nanoseconds (`%N`)
    - BSD grep does not support perl RegEx (`-P`)
    As we use `bash` specifically in the hashbang anyway it is probably fine
    to rely on the `$RANDOM` bashism here.
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