API server returns 500 when issued a Get with invalid label selector #39730

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gmarek commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

I'm seeing logs like on 1.5 cluster:

E0111 09:00:06.466257       5 errors.go:63] apiserver received an error that is not an unversioned.Status: unable to parse requirement: invalid label key "<label key>": name part must be no more than 63 characters; name part must match the regex ([A-Za-z0-9][-A-Za-z0-9_.]*)?[A-Za-z0-9] (e.g. 'MyName' or 'my.name' or '123-abc')
I0111 09:00:06.466418       5 handlers.go:162] GET /api/v1/namespaces/jenkins/pods?labelSelector=<label>: (613.07�s) 500

We probably should return 400 (or maybe 412?), eventually 418. But certainly not 500.

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shyamjvs commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

@gmarek I tried digging this up a little bit and figured out that this is not an issue with the apiserver on the master, but instead with the heapster-apiserver (the one which negotiates request/response serialization with the heapster client on one side and is bound to the master metrics API on the other). The following seems to be the issue:

  • The errToAPIStatus function inside the heapster apiserver does status := http.StatusInternalServerError if the error type is not statusError. This is why the response is being logged with 500 (even though it is (most probably) a 400 from the master apiserver).
  • The logStackOnRecover function should do better than just flagging http.StatusInternalServerError as the error. Maybe set code to http.StatusBadRequest if we know that the request was not matching the negotiated pattern.

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hm, there should already be an equivalent of that errToAPIStatus function in the generic apiserver library somewhere.

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gmarek commented Jan 12, 2017

@lavalamp - who should work on this?

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