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Pods stay in Pending for a long time #70835

liqlin2015 opened this Issue Nov 9, 2018 · 1 comment


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liqlin2015 commented Nov 9, 2018

What happened:

Pods stay in Pending status for a long time.

Here is my pod

# kubectl -n services get pods -o wide
NAME                                        READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE       IP        NODE
redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x                      0/1       Pending   0          19h       <none>

And from kubelet log

Nov  8 11:20:11 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1108 11:20:11.726517    1599 config.go:405] Receiving a new pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:32 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:32.408191    1599 kubelet.go:1861] SyncLoop (ADD, "api"): "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:32 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:32.493868    1599 kubelet_pods.go:1375] Generating status for "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:32 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:32.504139    1599 volume_manager.go:347] Waiting for volumes to attach and mount for pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:34 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:34.306831    1599 volume_manager.go:380] All volumes are attached and mounted for pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:35 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:35.476785    1599 kuberuntime_manager.go:385] No sandbox for pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)" can be found. Need to start a new one
Nov  9 06:25:35 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:35.476823    1599 kuberuntime_manager.go:570] computePodActions got {KillPod:true CreateSandbox:true SandboxID: Attempt:0 NextInitContainerToStart:nil ContainersToStart:[0] ContainersToKill:map[]} for pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)"
Nov  9 06:25:35 inmbzicpsanw08 hyperkube[1599]: I1109 06:25:35.476890    1599 kuberuntime_manager.go:579] SyncPod received new pod "redis-65dcfbfccc-dtk8x_services(2826d997-e31a-11e8-b5cb-005056bf37ac)", will create a sandbox for it

As you seen from kubelet log, kubelet get the pods at Nov 8 11:20:11, but start the sync loop at Nov 9 06:25:32. Why takes so long for kubelet to take action? Sounds like the configCh is hanging at that time, kubelet main sync up thread did not detect events from that channel.

What you expected to happen:

After scheduled Pods should be created by kubelet immediately.

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):

Not sure.

Anything else we need to know?:


  • Kubernetes version (use kubectl version): 1.10.0
  • Cloud provider or hardware configuration: None
  • OS (e.g. from /etc/os-release): Ubuntu 16.04
  • Kernel (e.g. uname -a):
  • Install tools:
  • Others:

/kind bug


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liqlin2015 commented Nov 9, 2018

/sig node

@k8s-ci-robot k8s-ci-robot added sig/node and removed needs-sig labels Nov 9, 2018

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