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Remove resync logic and use workqueue.AddAfter in pv_controller #71761

jingxu97 opened this Issue Dec 5, 2018 · 3 comments


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jingxu97 commented Dec 5, 2018

What would you like to be added:
Currently pv_controller has its own resync loop which periodically list all PVCs/PVs and put them into the queue. One main reason for this resync is that pv_controller does not add the item back if operation fails, so it relies on resync to put them back to get processed. We should consider to use workqueue_AddAfter method to only add back the object in which the operation fails.

Why is this needed:
Reduce to overhead of resync to add back all PVC/PV objects and process them.

/kind feature


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wongma7 commented Dec 6, 2018


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jsafrane commented Dec 7, 2018

IMO it would have some impact on PVC binding. If both PVC and PV are not pre-bound to anything, then binding is initiated by an event on PVC. The controller processes an event on PVC (e.g. periodic sync) and looks for a suitable PV and binds them. If there is no PV, it waits for the next periodic sync. Currently, nothing happens if a new PV becomes available so a PVC could be bound now. PVC still waits for periodic sync and gets bound to the new PV only during PVC event processing.

Of course, this can be fixed:

  • Either we add some logic to the controller to bind PVCs when a new (or updated) PV appears.
  • Or we make the workqueue call PVC sync relatively often if a PVC is unbound (~1 minute max?) so it finds newly created PVs quickly, and not so often when the PVC is bound and there is nothing to do. This could be done by smarter workqueue.AddAfter.
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