Add support of Keystone v3 'domain-name' to 'openstack-heat' cluster setup #39784

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micmro commented Jan 12, 2017 edited

What this PR does / why we need it:
Keystone v3 authentication by user name requires the domain (name or ID). If domain-name is not provided kubelet fails as seen below:

kubelet: error: failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider "openstack": You must provide exactly one of DomainID or DomainName to authenticate by Username
systemd: kubelet.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
systemd: Unit kubelet.service entered failed state.
systemd: kubelet.service failed.

To solve this I pass a newOS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME environment variable through openstack-heat's heat-templates to write it as domain-name in /srv/kubernetes/openstack.conf.

Which issue this PR fixes (optional, in fixes #<issue number>(, fixes #<issue_number>, ...) format, will close that issue when PR gets merged): fixes #39783

Special notes for your reviewer:

Release note:

@micmro micmro pass openstack-heat OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME config to domain-name in open…

Hi @micmro. Thanks for your PR.

I'm waiting for a kubernetes member to verify that this patch is reasonable to test. If it is, they should reply with @k8s-bot ok to test on its own line. Until that is done, I will not automatically test new commits in this PR, but the usual testing commands by org members will still work. Regular contributors should join the org to skip this step.

Instructions for interacting with me using PR comments are available here. If you have questions or suggestions related to my behavior, please file an issue against the kubernetes/test-infra repository. I understand the commands that are listed here.


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