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addon-manager manages two classes of addons with given template files in $ADDON_PATH (default /etc/kubernetes/addons/).

  • Addons with label addonmanager.kubernetes.io/mode=Reconcile will be periodically reconciled. Direct manipulation to these addons through apiserver is discouraged because addon-manager will bring them back to the original state. In particular:
    • Addon will be re-created if it is deleted.
    • Addon will be reconfigured to the state given by the supplied fields in the template file periodically.
    • Addon will be deleted when its manifest file is deleted from the $ADDON_PATH.
  • Addons with label addonmanager.kubernetes.io/mode=EnsureExists will be checked for existence only. Users can edit these addons as they want. In particular:
    • Addon will only be created/re-created with the given template file when there is no instance of the resource with that name.
    • Addon will not be deleted when the manifest file is deleted from the $ADDON_PATH.


  • Label kubernetes.io/cluster-service=true is deprecated (only for Addon Manager). In future release (after one year), Addon Manager may not respect it anymore. Addons have this label but without addonmanager.kubernetes.io/mode=EnsureExists will be treated as "reconcile class addons" for now.
  • Resources under $ADDON_PATH need to have either one of these two labels. Otherwise it will be omitted.
  • The above label and namespace rule does not stand for /opt/namespace.yaml and resources under /etc/kubernetes/admission-controls/. addon-manager will attempt to create them regardless during startup.

How to release

The addon-manager is built for multiple architectures.

  1. Change something in the source
  2. Bump VERSION in the Makefile
  3. Bump KUBECTL_VERSION in the Makefile if required
  4. Build the amd64 image and test it on a cluster
  5. Push all images
# Build for linux/amd64 (default)
$ make push ARCH=amd64
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager-amd64:VERSION
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager:VERSION (image with backwards-compatible naming)

$ make push ARCH=arm
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager-arm:VERSION

$ make push ARCH=arm64
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager-arm64:VERSION

$ make push ARCH=ppc64le
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager-ppc64le:VERSION

$ make push ARCH=s390x
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/kube-addon-manager-s390x:VERSION

If you don't want to push the images, run make or make build instead