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hyperkube is an all-in-one binary for the Kubernetes server components hyperkube is built for multiple architectures and the image is pushed automatically on every release.

How to release by hand

# First, build the binaries
$ build/run.sh make cross

# Build for linux/amd64 (default)
# export REGISTRY=$HOST/$ORG to switch from staging-k8s.gcr.io

$ make push VERSION={target_version} ARCH=amd64
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube-amd64:VERSION
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube:VERSION (image with backwards-compatible naming)

$ make push VERSION={target_version} ARCH=arm
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube-arm:VERSION

$ make push VERSION={target_version} ARCH=arm64
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube-arm64:VERSION

$ make push VERSION={target_version} ARCH=ppc64le
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube-ppc64le:VERSION

$ make push VERSION={target_version} ARCH=s390x
# ---> staging-k8s.gcr.io/hyperkube-s390x:VERSION

If you don't want to push the images, run make or make build instead