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This is a small util app to serve your hostname on TCP and/or UDP. Useful for testing.

The serve_hostname Makefile supports multiple architectures, which means it may cross-compile and build a docker image easily. Arch-specific busybox images serve as base images.

If you are releasing a new version, please bump the TAG value in the Makefile before building the images.

How to release:

# Build cross-platform binaries
$ make all-push

# Build for linux/amd64 (default)
$ make push ARCH=amd64
# --->

$ make push ARCH=arm
# --->

$ make push ARCH=arm64
# --->

$ make push ARCH=ppc64le
# --->

$ make push ARCH=s390x
# --->

Of course, if you don't want to push the images, run make all-container or make container ARCH={target_arch} instead.



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